Better Guns Addon – Bedrock 1.18 + [Realms Support]

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Better Guns Addon is a Minecraft Gun Addon, that's just better for those who want to use a gun with other addons? Want to draft them in Survival? This add-on lets you do just that! With Multiplayer and Multi-Addon support!

Cre: SyKoSoFi (Youtube, Twitter)

Better Guns Addon 

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Better Guns Addon adds 5 types of ordnance that can be used with nearly any other addon, without issues! Let’s explore details with

The Rifle 

Better Guns Addon
Better Guns Addon

The Shotgun 

Better Guns Addon
Better Guns Addon

The Pistol

Better Guns Addon

If you want more mods for Minecraft you can check out this app:

Mods AddOns Master for MCPE (ANDROID)

Master AddOns for Minecraft PE (IOS)

The AR

Better Guns Addon
Better Guns Addon

The SMG 

  • To get started you'll need to draft a part builder! 
Better Guns Addon
  • To produce the ordnance you'll need to make a gun forge! 
Better Guns Addon

Gun corridor can be drafted in the Part Builder!


Better Guns Addon

Short Barrel

Better Guns Addon

Long Barrel 

Better Guns Addon


Better Guns Addon

Sniper Stock 

Better Guns Addon

Exploding Grenade 

  • You can shoot with a right-click and reload by holding your ammo in your off-hand and shift- right-clicking while empty! 
  • You're allowed to use The Better Guns Addon in addon packs if credit is given to SyKo! 
  • You aren't allowed to repost The Better Gun Addon to MCPEDL or another hosting point! 
  • You aren't allowed to duplicate or modify The Better Gun Addon! 
Better Guns Addon

Some addons about Gun maybe make your Minecraft world more interested: 


Better Guns V1.2.5
– Block Head update:
+ Added the crafting blocks to the creative menu!
+ Recipes will now show in survival!
– Fixed Bullet fire location
mcpeaddons download

Download Better Guns Addon 
Download Addon (Backup Link)


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6 months ago

is the smg craftable?

2 months ago


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