Zero Zone Addon Minecraft PE

The alarms go off, the nuclear reactor explodes, and the world is suddenly in peril. Are you prepared to take part?

Zero Zone is an Add-On that alters the game’s atmosphere to make it more hostile to the player. Entities, item behavior, and other features have been tweaked to make your survival even more challenging.

Cre: Ragthor (Youtube, Twitter

Zero Zone Addon

Minecraft Shaders

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The colors of biomes were adjusted to give the sky and fog a gray look, while the water changed as a result of radiation.

Your vision is hazy, the radiation has made you sick, and now you’re seeing green lava! Yes, and as you move closer, you’ll hear your radiation meter’s “beep” sound.

Minecraft Shaders

You can find first aid packs and syringes that will cure you throughout your vacation to the towns. In addition, you can discover new foods to keep your food bar stocked.

Zero Zone Addon

New items have been discovered in the chests!

Zero Zone Addon
Zero Zone Addon

Radiation also harmed the animals, and their food is now contaminated. In addition, a wolf died as a result of radiation and has now evolved into a wild beast.

To give the game a more apocalyptic feel, the textures of the armor, weapons, and several creatures were changed.

While you’re exploring the planet, your own constructions will emerge. This is the one item you won’t notice if you use the add-on in realms.

If you use a shader, the colors of the water and fog may not seem as they do in the photographs because shaders frequently change them.

Although you can play with other add-ons, it is not suggested so that the aggressive mode of this add-on is not harmed.

Remember to put this one at the top if you’re going to utilize additional add-ons.

Zero Zone Addon
Zero Zone Addon


Ragthor: @RagthorDev

SovietLian: @Winter_Lian

Zero Zone Addon

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. All structures were changed
. Fixed a bug that caused structures to have an obsidian gap.
. Added textures for the pig, sheep, and cow.
. Post information was updated.
. Updated to 1.18

Zero Zone Addon

Download Zero Zone Addon Minecraft PE (RP) OR File Drive 

Download Zero Zone Addon Minecraft PE (BP) OR File Drive

Minecraft Shaders

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