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Elves addon are on their way to Minecraft World! They share a tree house with fairies, gigantic trees, and unicorns in the new magic biome. Discover the secrets of this magical location.

Cre: Ragthor (Youtube, Twitter)

Elves addon Feature

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Remember to turn on the experimental game in order for the Elves biome to emerge!

Elves addon have been added to the game, and they may be found in the massive tree dwellings.

Strings, lamps, vines, and additional woods have been added; decorate with them!

Unicorns are planned to be added in the future. This is a brand new craft. System of magic Let us know what you think in the comments!

Elves addon

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Add-On created by Ragthor.

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Website: www.ragthor.xyz


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mcpeaddons download

Download Elves (BP) (Linkverse) or here (Drive)

Download Elves (BP) (Linkverse) or here (Drive)

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Download (BP) (Zip)

Download (RP) (Zip)

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