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This is a resource pack that will make your game become more dynamic and realistic. Definitive Animations gives life to more than 120 textures and more in the next update, blocks and items will be added to this pack!

Cre: Ragthor, Youtube, Twitter

Definitive Animations Resource Pack

List of Definitive Animations Resource Pack

Bamboo leavesDiamond Block
Bee’s nestSpell table
HiveEnder’s Chest
Beetroots cropsPortal to the End
BellBlock of gold
Blast FurnaceGold Ore
Support for PotionsIron Ore
ComparatorMob Spawner
ComposterStone of light
Coral BlocksPotato Crops
Diamond blockQuartz Ore
Dead bushRedstone lamp
Light detectorDynamite
DispenserSmithing table
Redstone OreWheat crops
Carrot crops

 Nether Update Textures

Ancient Debris SideQuarts Ore
Ancient Debris TopChorus Flower
Barrel SideFlower Allium
Crimson FungusFlower Blue Orchid
Chest FrontFlower Their Rose
Cake TopFlower Tulip White
Trip Wire SourceFlower Rose
Nether Gold OreFlower Cornflower
Cartography Table Side2Flower Dandelion
Cartography Table TopFlower Houstonia
Flower Lily of the Valley

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Experimental gameplay not required

Work on Realms

Note from creator

  • If you want to post the Definitive animations resource pack on another platform, please send me a message to my Twitter
  • You are a Youtuber and want to make a video? Add this message in the description
  • If you like what I do this resource pack, consider helping me out with a coffee at Patreon
  • Thanks to all for supporting


  • Updated
    • Work well at 1.16
    • Post information is updated
  • Edited textures:
    • Ancient Debris Side
    • Ancient Debris Top
    • Barrel Side
    • Crimson Fungus
    • Chest Front
    • Cake Top
    • Trip Wire Source
Definitive Animations Resource Pack

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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[…] Definitive Animations Resource Pack […]

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