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Hello, now I'd like to introduce you to my new addon, untitled Creatures. Basically, this addon adds a variety of random mobs/creatures. I named this addon untitled Creatures because it was the first thing that came to me when I was thinking about it.

Cre: ZombieMCisNotreal (Youtube

Untitled Creatures Addon


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Sand Scale:

This item can be obtained from the Sand Guardian and used to make a sword.

Sand Sword:

This is a mutant variant of the creeper; it behaves similarly to the creeper, but the explosion is twice as powerful.

Some addons Minecraft PE about Dragon you can check, it’s available  in Mcpe Addons’s site: 


Lightning Dragon:

This creature has the ability to levitate and float around.

Untitled Creatures Addon
  • Health: 400 
  • speed: 0.25

this dragon has also the ability to summon lightning bolt, i mean, its obvious lol 

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Tornado Dragon:

Untitled Creatures Addon

as you can probably guess by the name this dragon has the ability to summon tornadoes

  • health: 490
  • speed: normal

Sand Guardian:

this creature is a normal mob, it doesn't have any abilities

Untitled Creatures Addon
  • Health:97
  • speed:0.26

Mutated Creeper:

This is a mutant variant of the creeper; it behaves similarly to the creeper, but the explosion is two times as powerful.

Untitled Creatures Addon
  • Health: 32
  • speed: 0.25

Video testing:

Untitled Creatures Addon

Download Untitled Creatures Addon (Mediafire) or FILE DRIVE

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