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This addon adds bulldozers, dirt bikes, bicycles and… horse with cart. Download add-on and enjoy new transport in Minecraft.

Cre: mno, Youtube, Twitter

Transport Add-on

How to craft?

To obtain any of these things, you have to craft the right sort of package (bulldozer-in-a-box!), place it down, and then destroy it. A spawn egg will drop and the fun will commence.

Vehicles in Transport Add-on


Expensive, that’s for sure (those grey blocks are netherite blocks, yikes). Slow and powerful, these things can bust through just about everything. Including… bedrock. Yes, not sure if this was a good idea or not, but, there it is. They come in a variety of colors and when destroyed, they don’t drop a spawn egg, so you’ll need to build a new one. Or just cheat it back, I won’t tell.


Idea for heading out for that camping trip with you buddies. Terrorize the villagers with sounds of your 2 stroke madness. They do have a small inventory, perfect for that shulker box full of camping gear. They don’t drop a spawn egg when destroyed. Not that expensive though (note the black blocks are coal blocks)


It’s cheap, com in a variety of colors, and they do drop a spawn egg, so, there’s that.


They don’t drop a spawn egg either. But you can ride them (and take a passenger) and they have an inventory


– Added:
+ Completely new vehicles: hot air balloons and flying broomstick
+  Touched up some other vehicles.


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