Insomnia Skyblock – Hypixel’s Skyblock Map Inspired

Extremely high-quality custom skyblock inspired by Hypixel’s famous Skyblock! The Insomnia Skyblock map is now in Minecraft bedrock edition, including custom armors, tools, and weapons, as well as emerging areas for you to discover.

Cre: Insomnia Group (Youtube)

Insomnia Skyblock

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

Custom armors that give you a boost to help you with the high-level mobs!

Collect crops on the farm: After setting up the private island, you should collect crops and make the straw armor set.

Haverst barn mobs: On the barn island you can obtain the meat required you make a meaty armor set (stronger than straw armor set).

Kill mob in the forest

The mountain mine

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

The forest: have NPC’s house and mob to slay it’s all up to your explosion

The city: this skyblock area is the shopping district in the world where you can buy and sell materials, sell for money to get other items.

The mountain: this is the best area in the insomnia sky block map, as well as the hardest place ( a few hidden areas are waiting for you)

Others Insomnia Skyblock


Insomnia Skyblock

The Insomnia Skyblock .mcworld

Or download here (backup)

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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