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RLCraft Mods is one of the most challenging modpack ever produced for Minecraft, and it is finally on bedrock. There are a plethora of features that make it more tough, such as new animals that do massive damage. Download RLcraft Mods right now!

Cre: RLCraft

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RLCraft Mods for Minecraft Bedrock

RLCraft Mods pack for Minecraft Bedrock edition 1.19 and above

  • Thirst Bar
  • Temperature & Heat
  • Healing From Food Removed
  • Torches Made More Realistic
  • F3 Debug Disabled, Map And Compass Enhanced
  • Mob Spawners Drop Loot & Have A Set Lifespan Now
  • Randomized Spawning When You Have No Set Spawn Point
  • Items & Abilities Locked Until You Level Up In Certain Skills
  • New And Powerful RPG Skills And Perks Can Be Unlocked With XP
  • Randomized Ruins, Structures, And Dungeons Generating All Throughout The World
  • All New Weapons & Tools
  • All New Mobs, Passive & Aggressive, From Lycanite’s Mobs, Ice & Fire Dragons, & Infernal Mobs
  • New Custom Crafting & Smelting Recipe’s For Certain Vanilla Items
  • Sound Engine Overhaul For Added Realistic Immersive Experience
  • Item Physics Overhaul
  • Brand New Enchantments, Potions, & Individual Item Qualities
  • Over 340 optional Quests!
  • All new underground biomes, cave and cavern generation
  • Revamped Nether
  • CARPETS ON STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RLCraft Mods is here, it’s hardcore, it’s unforgiving, it’s unfair, it could just be the hardest most realistic realism minecraft modpack out there!

Download RLCraft Mods for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+ (1.20 update)

RLCraft Mods

📥RLCraft Mods Behaviour Pack
📥RLCraft Mods Resource Pack

How much does RLCraft Mods cost?

With MCPE Addons it’s totally free. You can download this mod by the links above or you can install through our app:
📱 Google Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.pamobile.minecraft.addonsmaker
📱 Apple Play Store: apps.apple.com/app/addons-maker-for-minecraft/

Why is RLCraft Mods called RLCraft?

RLCraft with the RL standing for Real Life or Realism. This mod is a vision of everything ‘ve always wanted in Minecraft when it comes to pure survival, adventuring, RPG, and immersion

What do you need to run RLCraft Mods on mobile phone?

RLCraft Bedrock will requested a strong smartphone to run smoothly. If you are using an outdated devices, please aware that your game will be crash!

How many mods are in RLCraft?

185 separate mods

RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack consisting of approximately 185 separate mods that have been bundled and tweaked to create a challenging Minecraft fantasy world. The modpack is currently on version 2.9.3, and runs on Minecraft version 1.12.2

RLCraft Mods for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 1.20
RLCraft Mods for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 1.20
RLCraft Mods for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 1.20

Several RLCraft Mods and manually modified each one to meet the precise play-style, ensuring they all worked well together, adding custom scripts for different changes to vanilla behavior, and so on.

You can learn more at RLCraft Fandom Wiki: https://rlcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Mods

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Sebastian Kidston
Sebastian Kidston
3 months ago

How does one download it to Minecraft, what app would be best or is there a file folder in the games data pack on my device that I can copy the files to directly?

Don MineFire
6 months ago

It’s awesome

Mohammad HAMZA
5 months ago
Reply to  Don MineFire


5 months ago
Reply to  Mohammad HAMZA

how to download

5 months ago

It’s can’t drink in floating water when Beta Api’s fitur is on but it’s ok i’am still can drink from bottle

3 months ago
Reply to  Who?

Just crouch and drink

5 months ago

does it download and stay forever in each world or is it in the resource and behavior tab

5 months ago

I dont think that my computer is downloading it correctly i guess, because when i launch it, it has a bunch of glitches and stuff

3 months ago


3 months ago

I cant use this realistic mod

3 months ago

Try adding less structures
And add dragons

3 months ago

Can’t find dragons but other than that everything is better

1 month ago

please make a mcworld of this so i can play it I REALLY WANT IT its my dream 🙁

1 month ago

thank you and BYE i love it i havent played it tho

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