Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod | Hotfix for Minecraft 1.20.30

Minecraft Better Adventures is an addon that aims to make Minecraft’s world less monotonous by introducing numerous new biomes, variants on vanilla biomes, new civilizations and people, constructions, ruins, permanent structures and animals, and even new bosses!

Creator: KZBMM

Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod

–1.2.2 The Features & Blocks Hotfix–
Added support for MC version 1.20.30
Unsupported features:
Added many of the features from the upcoming “Farming Update”, that have been teased on our Discord, Instagram and Twitter (X)

Minecraft Better Adventures focuses on imagination rather than realism, with numerous strong magical artifacts and monsters capable of performing some type of magic. Most biomes are also designed to seem either incredibly (almost exaggeratedly) natural or absolutely wrecked if they are ruled by monsters or illagers.

!IMPORTANT! However because of the current MCPE-100700 bug custom biome creators are right now having a huge problem. In conclusion the “bug” basically makes custom biomes to not generate in versions 1.18 or higher.

That’s why this Minecraft Better Adventures add-on has been split into two versions:

1. Full version (1.1.5)

Works on MC versions up to 1.17.40. It becomes obsolete on newer versions, comes with a skinpack.

2. Beta versions

Have all the new features, works on the current newest version of Minecraft, but because MCPE-100700 is a thing, it’s supposed to be played on updated pre-generated or base-game-versioned worlds (one is available in the downloads).

If you play it on 1.20 generated world, custom biomes won’t generate and therefore lot of content will be missing (however all the other aspects of the add-on will work, unlike the full-version).

Also please note that new Minecraft Better Adventures full version of the add-on can’t be released any sooner until this bug gets resolved, due to vast quantity of mod’s content relies on custom biomes. Until then, we will be posting betas leading to the full release, whenever it comes.

Minecraft Better Adventures is a massive project aimed at broadening Minecraft by introducing many additional biomes and biome variants, as well as a plethora of new trees, blocks, ores, creatures, and even new cultures!

And, while we may deviate from vanilla-style features, we try to keep them to a minimum so that the game seems like Minecraft, only more intriguing, diverse, and full of questions, as if you were playing this Minecraft Better Adventures for the first time.

You never know what’s around the corner, what’s hidden behind that mountain, or what those animals in the shadows are. Your home is the only place you know, and the evenings are scary. Still, the world is filled of mystery and beauty just waiting to be discovered.

Minecraft Shaders

Detailed Information

If you want to learn more about the Minecraft Better Adventures mod, read all of the sections that include information on new features that are introduced with each update.


Better adventures 1.1.5 biomes
Dark vales of Herobrines lands and their armies in Minecraft Better Adventures
Dark vales of Herobrines
The High mountains biome. Forested foothills are also visible.
The High mountains biome
Woodland generated as valley in high mountains. You can also see a woodland hut structure.
Woodland Better Adventures
The dead volcanos of creeper lands biome with lot of zombies and generated structure zombie house.
Better adventures dead volcanos
The weird looking creeper hills. No structures and vegetation are there.
Better Adventures High Mountains
High Mountains form the top
Better Adventures Herobrines Lands
One of “structures” that appear from time to time in Herobrines Lands
Better Adventures spruce trees
Alps and their foothills. You can find spruce trees here as well as mega fir trees.
Castle counties biome
Castle counties biome, populated by villagers in Minecraft Better Adventures
Wasteland biome
Wasteland biome with lot of tallgrass and ruins from Minecraft Better Adventures

New items


This Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds lots of new food items. There are wines, cakes, fruits, meats and some vanilla foods have changed recipes.


In addition, this Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds new magic books and objects to Minecraft. Magic books are similar to enchanted books, except they are used to affect the environment rather than enchant weapons. This Minecraft Better Adventures mod contains around 15 new magic books. Some of them are employed to summon bosses.

Those cannot be created and must be discovered. There are also some unique magic books that can only be obtained by killing enemies or raiding chests. Those that can be crafted are done so on the new “Writer’s Desk” workbench. It may be found in either frozen tundra or volcanic biomes in ruins. Recipes may be found in-game on the writer’s desk, therefore I won’t list them all here.

However, there is one item that appears in all recipes: Guide to Magic and Advanced Guide to Magic. These two things may be gained via trading with a wizard villager, a traveling wizard, or bargaining with pillagers in return for rubies (yes, if you are on their side, you can now barter with pillagers).

These guidelines are not lost when you utilize them in a recipe, and they will return to your inventory after you build the book. They have the same feel as books, so they are easily confused. They’re constantly in the middle of a recipe.

Because magic books are extremely powerful, there is a risk associated with them. The Specter is that. Specter is a ghost-like entity that teleports about wrecking and creating horrible noises. Killing you, summoning demons, and other heinous acts.

How is the Specter summoned?

Specter can be rarely summoned by magic books that can change the time of day or by the “random”magic book that executes random magic.

How to know i’ve accidentaly summond the Specter?

Even in hot biomes, water will begin to freeze. He’ll turn all cobblestone into mossy cobblestone and all planks into jungle planks. He intends to destroy light sources and windows.
You might see a ghostly figure that looks like hreobrine from time to time, but it’s just a Specter. You will also hear footsteps and strange sounds at random, and an invisible creature will open doors and attack you!

How to prevent it?

Villager female priests and wizards have abilities to destroy specters. So to prevent such a disaster happening do this:
1. If you like to change the time of a day by magic book, or want to use random magic book do it far away from your base, in company of villager female priests or wizards.
2. After executing it, run away so Specter (if he will be summoned) won’t be interested in you and will be easier for priests and wizard to destroy.

New weapons and tools


Steel is stronger variant of iron. Damage and armour protection is same as iron.
Durability: 500


Is weaker than iron but easier to make. Bronze ingot is made from two copper ingots and one tin ingot. Both ores can be mined by any pickaxe.
Durability: 260


Silver is material stronger than diamond but weaker than netherite.
Durability: 1800

Silver ingot recipe


Adamantit is strongest material in game, but with very hard recipe. Adamantit ore can be found in high mountains and End.

Advanced Tools

Adavnced tools are special weapons that can be only crafted on ancient crafting table which can be found in wastelands.

Advanced Tools in minecraft better adventures
Heavy Armor and sword of 42 dimensions.

Heavy armour is variant of steel armour with super high knockback resistance. I will not show the recipe you can view it on ancient crafting table.

Sword of 42 dimensions is strongest sword in game. It deals 90 damage and has 4042 durability.

Other pieces of the sword can not be crafted you must find them in structures like strongholds or end cities. It will be a challenge for you to craft this sword but it is only sword that can defeat herobrine.


Warhammers are strong weapons that can be crafted from any metal. They have rather specific combat. You must first right-click to recharge them and then you can attack with them. Cooldown and durability is depending on metal you made them from.

warhammer crafting recipe
Example of crafting a warhammer.


Daggers are similar to sword, however they have much shorter blade. They can be obtained by killing ghouls (variant of zombie). If you right-click with them, you will gain speed effect.

Daggers in minecraft better adventures


Gems are precious rocks that can be sold to Gemtraders. Price depends on rarity. You can find Amber, Topaz, Ruby, Opal and Sapphire. You can make block from them and coloured lanterns. You can make coloured lanterns by putting lantern in middle of crafting table and surround it by 8 selected gems.

Villager improvements

New villager professions

This Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds 11 new villager professions to the game. These villagers can be found spawning in Castle counties, or they may be born. They can be bred by feeding them bread. They can only reproduce with female villagers. The majority of them replenish trades on the crafting table or chest, but there are a few exceptions:

  • Blacksmith – works on anvil
  • Cook – works on furnace
  • Enchanter – works on enchanting table
  • Rancher – Works on hay bale or on fence gate when there is animal behind it.
New villager professions

From left to right: Gemtrader, Cook, Blacksmith, Goldsmith, Enchanter, Wizard, Miner, Lumberjack, Money Exchanger, Baker, Rancher.

Female villagers

Female villagers have no trades. Their purpose is to breed new villager professions or to serve as a delivery system. How exactly does that work? Right-clicking on them will open their inventory.

Put food and emeralds in their inventories, and they will share them with the entire village. What is the significance of this? The more of these items the villagers have, the more willing they are to breed.

If villagers have some food in their inventory, they can also regenerate their health. You can also take items from the female villagers’ inventory.

Changes to vanilla villagers

This Minecraft Better Adventures mod also changes vanilla villagers. There is list of all changes:

  • If you give an adult weaponsmith villager a steel sword, they will transform to villager warrior.
  • Butchers now kill animals to get meat. They will cook it and share it with rest of the village.
  • Clerics throw healing potions at other villagers.
  • Some villagers are able to craft things form other things. For example if you give a female villager iron ingot she will deliver it to weaponsmith and he will craft it to iron sword and give it back to her.
  • There is chance of baby villager growing up and becoming female villager or new profession villager.


Wizards are humanoid entities that will trade various items for emeralds. They mostly trade items found while killing mobs or completing difficult quests. They will give you a nice amount of emeralds in exchange. They live in castle counties and sick enchanted forests. They are available in both evil and good varieties. When you are an illager, good wizards attack you, and vice versa. They are extremely powerful, and their teleportation abilities are exceptional.

Hireable warriors

Hireable warriors are entities that can be hired in exchange of emeralds. There are 10 hireable entities. You can halt them by right-clicking them (similar to wolfs).

Hireable warriors

From left to right: Vildicator (weaker vindicator created when lightning strikes new profession villager), Pillager, Sollillager, Female villager priest (heals other villagers), Female and male villager warrior (you can breed them by giving them emeralds), Villager archer, Woodland knight, Red knight, Woodland warrior.

The first three can only be hired if you are allied with illagers.

Wandering trader changes

Wandering traders are probably the most hated villager profession in minecraft. This Minecraft Better Adventures mod aims to change it. It adds new variants to them and each variant sells and buys different things.

  • Oddment Trader – Good old wandering trader we all (except me) hate. Has two llamas.
  • Food Trader – Sells foodstuff. Has two mules.
  • Explorer – Sells maps to various structures. Has two tamed wolfs.
  • Wandering Smith – Sells the best weapons and armour in the known world. Has a donkey.
  • Wandering Philosopher – Sells enchanted books, normal books and stuff like that. He is wise. Has two llamas.
  • Traveling Trader – Buys various thing villagers may craft. Has one horse.
  • Wandering Warrior – If you right click him with emerald he will become villager warrior. After that you can hire him and take his horse.


Dangerous folks who attack you no matter on who side you are. They spawn in deserted savanna biome.


Pirates are illagers spawning on the beaches and islands. They can spawn with sword or crossbow. They have 20 health points and deals 8 damage.

Pirates in minecraft better adventures

Herobrine’s Wraight

Herobrine’s Wraights are the most powerful illagers, spawning only in Herobrine’s armies, most commonly in Herobrine’s lands. They are difficult to overlook because they are 4 blocks tall and have the same health bar as withers or ender dragons.

They have 200 health points and deal you 24 damage. Their voices are also terrible. The best way to kill them is to push them off the cliff or into the ravine with your shield.

They don’t have fall damage, so I’m not going to kill them, but they won’t be a threat to you anymore (assuming you don’t fall into the ravine with them).

Herobrine's Wraight


Ghosts are spooky mobs spawning in ghostly biomes. I will not tell you everything about them but you shall not forget to believe into people that do not exist.

Wood Folk

Wood folk are magical players who live in Glory Woods. They, like Villager Warriors, have female and male variants. They have three professions: Mages sell magical and good items, Warriors protect the woods and can be hired with emeralds but cannot be bred, and Scouts are good archers who protect the woods and other people there.

Plains Folk

Plains-folk, like wood folk, are humanoid creatures. They spawn in Castle counties or Red towns and come in both male and female forms. Bread can be used to breed them. They also have a Red Knight variant, which is the strongest ranged unit that can be hired.

New Crops

This add-on adds two new crops: Corn and tomatoes. Both can be foun in farm in castle counties or their seed can be bought from food traders.

New Crops in minecraft better adventures

New Ores

This Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds several new ores that can be found in overworld and end. Every ore must be smelted in furnace.

New ores in minecraft better adventures

From upper left to down right: Deepslate adamantit ore, Ender adamantit ore, Amber ore, Deepslate tin ore, Lead ore, Opal ore, Salt ore, Ruby ore, Sapphire ore, Deepslate silver ore, Sulphure ore, Tin ore, Topaz ore, Overworld glowstone block.


Adamantit – In High mountains below y=12 or in The End below y=64.

Tin – In overworld between y=0 and y=72. Highest amounts can be found at y=44, The Mountain biome or from y=100 to y=128 in High mountains.

Lead – From y=112 and higher in High mountains.

Salt – In higher elevated areas.

Silver – From y=16 and below.

Sulphur – In extreme hills and Alps. Highest amount can be found around y=64.

Gems – That’s on you to discover.


Lead is a new mineral that forms high in the mountains. Only an adamantit pickaxe can mine it. It is used to make lead block, which is a block that can only be destroyed by a lead pickaxe, which is also made of lead. On the advanced crafting table, a lead pickaxe must be crafted.

New stones

This Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds five new stone that can be found in various biomes.

New stones in minecraft better adventures

Upper left: snowy stone and its variants.

Upper right: sandystone and its variants.

Lower left: caverock and its variants.

Lower right: marble and its variants.

Lower middle: dryslate and its variants.

All new stone variants can be crafted on stonecutter.

Becoming Illager

If you kill a heavy villager warrior (which spawns in castle counties), you will obtain the item “Become bad.” When you use this item, it will appear on your head. Villagers will no longer attack you, but villagers will. This has benefits (you will be on the stronger side), but it also has drawbacks (you will be unable to trade with villagers).

End Upgrade

The end dimension has been updated in this Minecraft Better Adventures mod to make it a little more interesting while retaining the typical end boredom. The following are a few new features that have been added at the end:

  • New and grass so you can gain sticks in the end
  • New mobs inspired by mobs from MC Dungeons
  • Coal and Diamond ore can now generate in the end – it is now the best place to mine them
  • New miniboss
  • 2 New strutures
  • New “Ender Sandstone” so, it is possible to get sand in the End

New animals


Polar bears and bears are very similar. They can be found at night in forest caves. If you get too close to their children, every parent within an 80-block radius will attack you.


Ducks are passive mobs found in rivers. When killed they will drop feathers and duck meat. They hate cods, so they are eating them.


Deers are animals found in forests. You can breed them with wheat and carrots. when you kill them they will drop leather.


This Minecraft Better Adventures mod adds several new bosses to minecraft. They can be summoned if you find item that when used summons them.

Bosses in minecraft better adventures

First of all bosses is Ugha-Khyzrdumh. He is gigantic billager with a shield and a mace. He attacks everyone.

Next is Herobrines wraight. He is only boss that spawns naturally. Attacks everyone, no matter who side they are on.

Third is Illusioner. He attacks you only if you are not illager. He spawns illusion that disappear after few seconds. He can be summoned by blowing his horn, found in his tower.

Then we have Herorbine. He is probably the hardest boss and attacks you always. He has 2500 health points. Can be killed only with sword of 42 dimensions.

Next is Il-Ar-Ner. He summons other illagers. Attacks you only if you are not illager.

Sixth boss is Jhens. He attack you only if you are illager.

Seventh is Baba Jaga. She throws a potion of wither at you, heals herself and summons witches. She attacks you no matter who you are.

After her you can meet the Wildfire. He spawns in nether fortresses. Drops “Crow of the King of the Nethter” item after killed, that when used appears on your head and gives you fire resistance. Is as good as netherite helmet.

Then there is the Giant. It is a giant zombie found in desert mountains. He isn’t particularly wise.

Last but not least is the Eyes of the City. He only attacks when you look into his eyes, because he ins an Enderman. He looks like and enderman with blue eyes and blue stripes going down from his shoulders.

From all the bosses you can get very good loot.


Armies are events that spawn in the world, similar to pillager patrols. Small villager and illager armies can be found spawning all over the world. In the creeperlands, larger illager armies can be found. Large zombie and skeleton armies led by herobrines wraights.

The beta version of the mod is still in development, so you might see some things visibly missing or being unfinished/unpatched.

The info about how to update to this version under the current circumstances can be found in Installation Description at the bottom of this page.

The Herobrine Update

Normally, I divide the additions and changes into multiple categories, such as Mobs and Biomes, but this time it would be pointless because this update is focused solely on one feature: The Herobrine.

Some of you may have noticed that Herobrine has been present in this mod for quite some time. But he felt incomplete, so we decided to shower him with the attention that this feature deserves. We made the final, late-game boss fight and spread his (Herobrine’s) influence all over the Minecraft world from an almost unnoticeable side-boss that many people never encountered throughout their gameplay. Here’s how we went about it.

The Overworld

Herobrine’s influence is now much stronger than before throughout the overworld. Billagers, monsters, and evil (corrupted) piglins are now known to raid lands far and wide, occasionally bringing creepers with them for destructive effects. It is said that among the raids, a tall man-like figure with glowing eyes can be seen…

That, however, only scratches the surface of Herobrine’s presence in the overworld. The Creeperlands, a biome where evil Billagers use their villager slaves to work for them, were added in the previous beta. You can also catch glimpses of Herobrine standing somewhere on the horizon in that biome. This biome, however, has gained (or regained) a new subbiome: The Herobrine’s Lands.

This place is a living hell, feeling more like a nether biome suit than an overworld biome suit. Lighting is common, and evil creatures prowl the area. The biome contains ominous structures serving evil purposes, as well as numerous portals leading to the nether, from which the dreadful beasts are exported.

That place is pure evil, and survival is nearly impossible (at least while Herobrine is undefeated). However, if you want to confront Herobrine and put an end to his terror, you must travel to this location.

The Overworld in minecraft better adventures

In the Herobrine’s lands, there is a specific type of tower. It’s larger and more unique than the others. You want to find this tower (keep in mind that there will be a lot of fighting both inside and outside). A nether portal can be found on an upper floor of this tower. But this was no ordinary nether portal. It’s a unique one that leads to an equally unique location. It’s a very dark place. Hells in the Nether.

The Hells

The Hells of the Nether are a massive corridoor-prison maze-like complex in the nether’s far east, with an area comparable to the German capital of Berlin (assuming 1m2 corresponds to one block). It is Herobrine’s home, as opposed to Berlin. The portal leads to the throne room, the complex’s central and only truly important chamber.

How to beat Herobrine in Minecraft Better Adventures?

Herobrine is a hard nut to crack – so should say my grandfather. But it is generally true. Along the entire process you will probably require a Sword of 42 Dimensions (Info about it in the 1.1.5 full version spoiler) – more than one if you care to die, and a very good armour, possibly diamond or better. Here I provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to beat Herobrine:
1. Prepare the necessities – You will need around three Swords of 42 dimensions, same amount of armour sets and let’s say eight potions of fire resistance, slow falling and reinforcement (which can be brewed from a giant’s hearth – a loot from the giant zombie). Golden apples also won’t do much harm either. Why do you have to take multiple sets of armour and swords? There is going to be a lot of fire, lava and explosions during the fight, so you have to have some backup.
2. Stuff all your necessities into an ender chest, leaving only one of each in your inventory. The moment the boss-fight starts your spawnpoint will be set to the throne room, but an ender chest will automatically spawn in the corner of the room, so even if you die, you will have access to your items in the ender chest.
3. Find the Herobrine’s lands and the tall tower. Herobrine’s lands generate rarely, but can be found alongside creeperlands in hotter climate areas.
4. Run inside the tower as fast as possible. Go up to the third floor and the moment you see the portal run up to it and right-click it. It will immediately take to to the Hells. Don’t hold back until you are in the nether, or you will be killed (at this time it is also recommended to lower your render distance to the minimum, as such the Hells are extremely laggy otherwise or they can even crash).
5. You will be teleported to a small vestibule of the complex. Drink your slow falling if you haven’t already and use your Sword of 42 Dimensions on one of the gilded blocks on the floor. The floor will open and you will fall right through it into the boss chamber.
6. Once you are inside, walk up to the end of the bridge and challenge Herobrine to fight.
7. The fight is gong to have two stages, both will be purely melee (hand) duels with no need of bows or other ranged weapons.
Throughout the fight you might die, but don’t forget the ender chest, that’s the reason you have back up items.
Herobrine has 3200 health in the first stage and 6400 in the second one, so the only effective weapon to use is the Sword of 42 Dimensions, which deals 90 damage.

Herobrine Defeated

After defeating Herobrine, you will be given a worthy reward item. Mogus the Wizard will spawn at the end of the bridge before Herobrine’s throne after the fight. When you speak with him, he will transport you back to the overworld and tell you what to do with your reward.

You may notice some changes once you return to the overworld. Zombies and skeletons stop spawning as armored and spawn less frequently overall. Corrupted piglins and creepers vanish completely, shadowy Herobrine figures vanish, and Herobrine’s lands become devoid of all mobs that once spawned there. You have lifted Herobrine’s curse from the world.

Random Facts

  • This Minecraft Better Adventures mod is mainly about exploration so that’s this page only covers the basics of the add-on
  • Creeperlands are oldest biome added to this Minecraft Better Adventures mod.
  • Look out for written books in various structures. They may help you on your adventures.
  • Buckets can also be made out of tin.
  • If something looks like its dangerous, never take it to your house (there is a great chance you will be removed along with your house). Never also practice magic in an uncontrolled environment, best place to try out spell books you don’t know what they do is a wizard’s tower.
  • Villager names have been inspired by the 2018 “Traveling Trader” map, released after the release of Village&Pillage update. We were looking for something not weird, but definitely goofy sounding for the villagers, and these have just met the requirements.

Known bugs

  • Some wooden tools have bugged craftings from custom woods.
  • Custom ores and stones are not mined faster with vanilla pickaxes.
  • Custom biomes don’t generate without the base-game-versioned world template in the downloads on versions 1.18.0 or higher. That’s because of MCPE-100700, not any internal bug within the mod.
  • Grass side texture tint does not correspond with the tint used on top texture in Roofed Forest.
  • If two female villagers have selected the same male as their potential mate, the male aborts the interaction, causing the two female villagers to mate with one another. Since the female villagers are the ones that initiate the interaction, and males only accept/decline it, this does not happen vice versa.

If you will discover new bug or want to write a suggestion write it to me on twitter or on our email [email protected]. If you have some idea what can be in the next update write it on email [email protected]. Maybe your idea will be featured in the next update! If you have discovered Easter egg write it also on better adventures email!


Minecraft Better Adventures

Follow these steps to install mod correctly!!

1. Download your desired version of the mod.


2. Create new world or choose already existing one.

3. Activate behavior pack.

4. Resource pack will activate automatically.

Download Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod FULL VERSION 1.1.5


2. Download the mod in the download files section, either the 1.1.8 or 1.2.2 beta.

3. Import the mod into Minecraft
if you are playing on a gaming console rename the file from .mcaddon to .zip and extract: server and script (for 1.2.0 and higher the script is merged into server)
to behavior packs, client to resource packs, db to world templates in com.mojang folder).

Download Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod BETA VERSION 1.2.2 (Hotfix for Minecraft 1.20.30)

If you want to play with custom biomes:

  1. Go to create world screen.
  2. Scroll down to imported world templates.
  3. Select one with the default name “Bette Adventures Base Game Versioned Template”, with an image of Roadmeet castle in Finland biome.
  4. Click “Create World”. This will create world stuck in MC version 1.17.10, therefore custom biomes will generate, however no 1.18 or later vanilla additions will be in the game.

If you want to play with the newest Minecraft features:

  1. Create new world or choose already existing one.
  2. Activate behavior pack.
  3. Resource pack will activate automatically.
  4. If you create the world, it will have all the Minecraft’s newest features corresponding with your version of the game, but none of this Minecraft Better Adventures mod’s custom biomes will generate until MCPE-100700 gets fixed.

All of the Experimental Gameplay triggers necessary, except the “Next Major Update”

Supported Minecraft versions


  • Founder: KZBMM 
  • Coding: KZBMM, SplinedWelshman
  • Textures: Bubblybahan (Discord: bubblybahan)
  • A girl-for-everything: Huhuuk
  • Structures: KZBMM, Darkwave

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