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The Lifesteal Addon is based on the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where you lose a heart when you die and get a heart when you kill a player!

Creator: GamerDos

This Lifesteal Addon has been updated to support the most recent versions of Minecraft (for the time being), and addon features include stealing hearts, crafting hearts, withdrawing hearts, and even resurrecting deceased players who have lost all of their hearts!

Lifesteal Addon


When you kill someone, you gain their heart and they lose one

Hearts can be crafted, using this recipe down below:

Heart Fragment - Used to make hearts
Heart Fragment – Used to make hearts
Heart Essence - Used to make hearts
Heart Essence – Used to make hearts
Heart - Used to gain 1 heart
Heart – Used to gain 1 heart

Gain a heart by:

Killing another player:

Killing another player in Lifesteal Addon
Killing another player in Lifesteal Addon

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Lose a heart by:

Getting killed:

Getting killed in Lifesteal Addon

Withdrawing hearts

Hearts can be withdrew by doing ?withdraw <amount>

The heart of life

The heart of life in Lifesteal Addon

The heart of life can be used to revive people, to do it:

  1. Hold the heart of life
  2. Right click or use the heart
  3. Select which player to revive
The heart of life can be used to revive people

Craft it using this recipe:

heart of life crafting recipe

Want to change the recipe?

1. Open your file manager and go to the Lifesteal Addon

Lifesteal Addon

2. Rename it to

Lifesteal Addon

3. Extract the Lifesteal Addon and open the folder

Lifesteal Addon
Lifesteal Addon

4. Open Lifesteal BP

Lifesteal Addon

5. Open recipes

Lifesteal Addon

6. Open the recipe you want to change

Lifesteal Addon

7. Change the recipe! (Really easy)

Lifesteal Addon

8. Save the files and compress Lifesteal BP and RP again

Lifesteal Addon

9. Rename to lifesteal.mcaddon and open it

Lifesteal Addon

For extra info, go to this Youtube video:

Required Experimental Gameplay:


Lifesteal Addon


Lifesteal Addon

Can’t see the images?

  1. Holiday Creator Features
  2. GameTest Framework/Beta APIs


When you die, you become a ghost
Ghosts are permanently stuck in spectator mode


The prefix is ?

Normal Commands

  • ?help | Messages you all the custom commands and their functions
  • ?withdraw <amount> | Withdraws an amount of hearts
  • ?revive <player> | Revives a ghost
  • ?welcome | Show the welcome GUI
  • ?heart display | Toggles Heart Display (Display your hearts over your head)
  • ?heart show | Toggles Heart Show (Display your hearts only to yourself with an actionbar)

Staff Commands (/tag @s add lifesteal-opped)

  • ?adminpanel/admingui/ap | Open the admin panel
  • ?heart set  <player> <amount> | Set a player’s hearts to an amount
  • ?heart add <player> <amount> | Adds to a player’s heart count
  • ?heart remove  <player> <amount> | Removes hearts from a player’s heart count
  • ?heart setmax <20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100> | Set the maximum amount of hearts
  • ?heart envsteal <true/false> | Toggle to turn environment steal on or off
  • ?heart banghosts <true/false> | Option to ban ghosts (Not recommended for worlds as the owner can’t get banned/kicked, also might make a player quit)
  • ?heart reset <player> | Resets a player’s heart count
  • ?heartgl <1-4> | Set the amount of hearts you gain/lose when you kill a player or die
  • ?reviveamount <amount> | Sets the revive amount (How many hearts you get when you get revived)
  • ?startamount <amount> | Sets the start amount (How many hearts you get when you first join)
  • ?ghostbarrier <amount> | Sets the ghost barrier, (?ghostbarrier disable to disable) the ghost barrier is how much a ghost can travel before teleporting to 0, 0 again
  • ?get <item> <amount> | Get a lifesteal item (heart, heart_essence, heart_of_life, withdraw_heart, and heart_fragment)

Environment Steal

If environment steal is on, you will lose hearts from mobs and other natural causes, if it isn’t, you will only lose hearts from players.

Admin Panel

The admin panel contains two commands, each with their own set of commands; let’s focus on the most significant one:

Lifesteal Addon Admin Panel

Set hearts

Set hearts in Lifesteal Addon

Reset Hearts

Reset Hearts in Lifesteal Addon

Set maximum hearts

Set maximum hearts in Lifesteal Addon

Kill or revive

Kill or revive in Lifesteal Addon


HeartGL in Lifesteal Addon

Ban Ghosts

Ban Ghosts in Lifesteal Addon

Currently, this addon only works on 1.20.x ONLY


Lifesteal Addon

Download Lifesteal Addon Supported Minecraft versions 1.20x

  1. Click download link
  2. Press blue button

Android and IOS

  1. Go to your file explorer
  2. Search “LifeSteal”
  3. The addon should show up as “LifeSteal.mcaddon“, if it shows up as ““, rename it to “Lifesteal.mcaddon
  4. Open the LifeSteal.mcaddon file

If you download the zip:

  1. Extract the zip file of Lifesteal Addon
  2. Move the Lifesteal BP folder to your behavior packs folder
  3. Move the Lifesteal RP folder to your resource packs folder

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