Kelly’s Minecraft Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack [16×16]

Welcome to RTX Conversion Pack! This is a simple texture pack for RTX on win 10 version. You can see really nice scenes with the glazed terracotta has been mapped into Minecraft RTX, changed into blocks that glow and more…

Cre: KellyTheDerg

There are still have some more fun stuff in this texture pack that you can explore. But sadly, this might not be for servers that involve those blocks. This pack better suit for people who like survival or to mess around alone

Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack [16×16]

It has been converted from simple vanilla to a very fancy, and flashy texture pack. Let watch some pretty glowing blocks below

Every block should glow, smooth and slippery

The extra blocks in Kelly’s Minecraft vanilla RTX Conversion Pack include many colors of lights, a warm and cold version of white light. An EXTREMELY bright spotlight block, a few disco, and colorful tiles, along with a few fun materials like brushed Aluminum, and Copper!

Where to find the extra blocks (Requires Education edition to be turned on)

How does Vanilla RTX Conversion Pack work?

  • This pack will not work when:
    • You don’t own Minecraft Windows 10 while being subscribed to the RTX beta program
    • If you play on mobile or on any other platform
  • Probably you have to an RTX series card for it to work unless you are one of these people who can get around that

Note form Creator:

Thank Nicinator for allowing me to use his pack as a base plate, but there is nothing from the Vanilla RTX conversion pack is identical to his, you should check out his pack, it’s pretty cool


– New addons:
+ Fancy Grass: Makes the sides of the grass blocks completely out of the grass, so it looks a lot nicer
+ Glossy wood: Turns all but the nether wood a lot less plank-like, and more like a sanded, or polished wood.
+ Glowing Amethys
– Changed:
+ Clear glass: Added tinted glass


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