AddOnsTesco Trolley Laser Hunter X for MCPE

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X for MCPE

If you were told by your mother to go buy things at local Tesco but when you get there only one product is lost by  Logan Paul

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X is all you need to do to attack and get it back. It sounds a bit violent but there are times when it’s really your life that forces you to do it. 

Trolley is equipped with a 2.5L V6 engine used in Lancia Stratos and modified by KOTE-X Racing Development to help you accelerate quickly, besides, the trolley is also equipped with a Laser rifle you just need to click to use it, you will be amazed at the shooting ability of this gun.

Both vehicles and weapons are perfected in the best way so you can protect your local Tesco. 

Cre: Ashminggu (Youtube, Twitter)

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X 

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X addon will have 4 trolleys with different functions and 1 bomb called Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, ICBM. 

Tesco Trolley

Tesco Trolley has pedestrian speed you can use to shop malls in your worlds and you can find it at your local Tesco.  

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

Tesco Trolley Aircraft X

This is a tesco trolley that can fly, but can’t shoot lasers or drop ICBMs

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

Minecraft Gun Mod

Tesco Trolley ICBM Bomber X

Unlike Tesco Trolley Aircraft X, Tesco Trolley ICBM Bomber X, in addition to the ability to fly, can also snipe and drop bombs

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

You can right click / hold to drop a bomb!

Some addon in, you may be like:

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

This is the most powerful trolley of all. It can fly and shoot lasers, you can hear the happy sound when it sniping lasers. 

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

In order to  shoot lasers, you can use right click / hold to shoot, please!


About bombs in this addon there is a type of bomb that is ab, you right click / hold the ICBM Bomber while riding it, it will eject an ICBM (this missile).

Note that this bomb is very powerful so consider where you want to drop it. 

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X
Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

How to downloads

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

or here

How to control / fly / shoot the trolley

Right click to control the trolley.

After controlling the stroller, you look up to fly and look down to descend.

To shoot/eject using the trolley, first the player needs to control the trolley and want to shoot you just need to right click/hold to shoot a laser or drop an ICBM bomb. 

How to obtain Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter X

You can search for strollers in two ways:

Method 1: Find it in Creative Inventory

Method 2: Use /summon commands:

  • /summon tesco:trolley
  • /summon tesco:trolley_fly
  • /summon tesco:trolley_fly_war
  • /summon tesco:trolley_fly_bomber

Minecraft Gun Mod

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