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Obsidian pack will bring you many new items, blocks, weapons, mobs, and more for your Minecraft world.

Some players may consider it a lackluster package but there have been many players who achieved many rewards and found it interesting. 

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Cre: SilverSpace

Obsidian Pack

Compact Obsidian is the first item that we want to introduce to players in this addon. To achieve it, please put obsidian in a furnace/blast furnace.

Obsidian Pack

Crystallized Obsidian Ore

This is a new ore, it is crystallized from obsidian and gases combine, you can get it anywhere which is under y=30. 

Obsidian Pack

Crystallized Obsidian

This little gem is obtained from crystallized ore you can use it to craft new items and blocks

Obsidian Pack

Crystallized Obsidian Glass

Crystallized Obsidian Glass made from 9 crystallized obsidian, it looks like a block of glass

Obsidian Pack

Molten Obsidian

Putting the obsidian in the kiln you will get it, it will give off a very beautiful light. 

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Sword

This is a very destructive weapon with 8 attack damage

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Axe

This ax is really a powerful weapon for you. 

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Shovel

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This shovel will help you kill creeps effectively because it is very fast and powerful

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Pickaxe

This pickaxe will break through the competition

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Hoe

The pickaxe will assist you in Farming, chopping

Obsidian Pack

If you could add Obsidian Pack, some addons on https://mcpeaddons.com that you may like:

Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger is small, but it's very sharp

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian War Hammer

It is a strong object that can deal 9 attacks but its very heavy weight can slow you down. 

Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Armor

It’s a set consisting of a chestplate, leggings, boots, and a helmet, Obsidian Armor is really good protection for you. 

Obsidian Pack
Obsidian Pack
Obsidian Pack
Obsidian Pack


This is an unfinished item but there will be a new kind of villager called a “Miner”. These villagers will trade compact obsidian or really any ore for special items and weapons.

Obsidian Pack

That's all about Obsidian Pack that Mcpeaddon.com would introduce.


  • The pickaxe has been fixed for mining special blocks
  • Beta feature has been removed


Obsidian Pack
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