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Hello, my name is MegablueCDA, and today I created Taiga Additions addon that enhances the Taiga a biome by adding new items. For the taiga, I included eagles, new wolves, bears, and many other animals.

Creator: MegablueCDA‎

Taiga Additions V1

Here is all information about mobs of the addon:


Black wolf:

Taiga Additions

Gray wolf:

Taiga Additions

The wolves from this addon have a behaviour very similar to the vanilla wolves.

These wolves are neutral,can be tamed with bones and spawn at the taiga


Grizzly Bear:

Taiga Additions

Grizzly bears are aggressive and will bite you if you approach them too closely.

They hunt frequently, have a powerful bite that can seriously injure you, and spawn in the taiga.

Black Bear:

Taiga Additions

Although black bears and grizzly bears behave similarly, black bears are weaker and are more afraid of people.


Male Deer:

Taiga Additions

Female Deer:

Taiga Additions

The male deers on Taiga Additions can only procreate with females using wheat as food and are neultral, attacking other male deers (much like in real life).

Deer females are completely passive and can only mate with males while feeding on wheat.

Baby System:

The baby sex is arbitrary (sometimes a male borns and sometimes a female borns)


Male Moose:

Taiga Additions

Female Moose:

Taiga Additions

The male mooses are now sterile and can only assault other male mooses (like in real life).

Currently, the female mooses are completely dormant and unable to breed.



Taiga Additions

The squirrels in Taiga Additions are tiny creatures that are born at the top of taiga trees and wander on the leaves. At the moment, they don’t perform many activities.



Taiga Additions

Beavers in Taiga Additions are a cute animal that spawn near to lakes or sea in taiga,they swim a lot and are attacked by eagles

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Taiga Additions

The eagles fly a lot and hunt fish,rabbits and beavers and also have a RARE VARIANT.

Rare variant(golden bald eagle):

Taiga Additions

You probally will never see this variant in survival because an eagle need to be strucked to transform in this variant and the eagle don’t stop for too much time in their flight

Taiga Explorer

Taiga Explorer:

Taiga Additions

They spawn at taiga and sell a lot of taiga things like saplings and acorns.

Moss Golem:

Moss Golem:

Taiga Additions

This little golem populates moss-covered stones in the taiga and guards the area against monsters.

Carnivorous Tree

Carnivorous Tree

Taiga Additions

If u think that a tree is supicious don’t get near!!

These fake trees have a powerfull acid in their mouth that make hitkill in every mob of minecraft.

The moss golems can kill it eazly.

Podzol Beetle

Podzol Beetle:

Taiga Additions

These beetles spawns in groups in the podzol and torment the people that use podzol in their builds.

They will try to eat you alive.

The moss golems kill it in one slap.

Addon Structures:

Villager Castle
Taiga Additions

These fortress have a big loot inside and a lot of villagers.

The castle have 2 iron golems as a defence.

Illager Caster

Taiga Additions

In this castle u can get a lot of things and 2 totems of undying,but it is very protected

A image that shows the protection better:

Taiga Additions


🟥=pillager spawn


⬆=vindicator spawn


Ruined Castle

Taiga Additions

Just a castle that don’t still in a good sutuation

Wood Cabin

Taiga Additions

A good survival house


Taiga Additions

A camping spot for camp.

Beware the bears!

Structure spawn Block

Taiga Additions

It looks like a lucky block and spawn a structure from the addon

Taiga Additions

Download Taiga Additions

Taiga Additions

New Taiga Trees:

These trees are similar to the spruce tress just with a new color(the sapling is bugged, I will fix in v2)

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