XYZ Mini Games Map (More than 18+30 Mini-Games) [MicroGames Update]

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XYZ Mini Games Map has over 18 mini-games and over 30 mini-games for MicroGames. The special thing about this minigame is that it supports language translation into Ukrainian, Russian, German, and English. There is so much to explore in this minigame. Download now to enjoy.

Creator: AxisCube


CUSTOM kits for PVP

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games

– Settings

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Setting Menu

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games

It is possible to configure who can start, finish and manage the game

Permissions Setting

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
  • There are achievements (Beta)
  • Chat format and emojis

Our chat systems with emojis

XYZ Mini Games
  • Some mini-games have musical accompaniment
  • You can translate the map into your own language supported in Minecraft, if you know Russian, Ukrainian, or English contact the owner at Discord

.lang file example

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games

There is a currency – emerald

Emerald shop

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
  • In the BedWars, you can configure the frequency of resource appearance

Bedwars Settings screenshots

XYZ Mini Games
XYZ Mini Games
  • Conducting statistics
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XYZ Mini Games

List of mini-games:

Minigames highlighted in yellow mean you can play with one person or more.

1. Spleef


3. Minefield

4. Traffic light (Squid Game)

5. Glass (Squid Game)

6. Dropper

7. BlockParty

8. Evil chicken

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9. Floor is lava

10. BedWars

11. FlagWars (Capture the flag)

12. DeathRun

13. Parkour

14. PVP Games (Duel, PVP Team, Survival)

15. Hunger Games

16. SkyWars

17. SkyWars: LuckyMode

18. MicroGames (30 micro-games)

Some Minigame Map for Minecraft at, you can check more:


XYZ Mini Games

Download XYZ Mini Games Map

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