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Naruto Jedy Addon V7 | Crystal

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A cool Minecraft naruto mod makes by a Brazilian fan for other fans – Naruto Jedy Addon with texture and models are completely innovative, beautiful, and in HD! Now you can use Sharingan, Byakugan, Mangekyo, Rinnegan, Susanoos. Or be a Jinchuuriki, defeat Bijuus, fight ninjas, and more. Let’s explore this addon now!

Cre: JedyTensei, Youtube

Naruto Jedy addon

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This update brings a lot of new things like the new hud system, with important things like your HP, Chakra, TP, SPINS, and NIVEL.

This naruto mod Minecraft has been updated and is completely playable in survival. Some gameplay mechanics will be introduced. To activate the modes, just use the holding in the screen / right-click

Gameplay Mechanics

Score Bar

  • HP is your amount of health based on hearts
  • NIVEL determines your chakra limit (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350. Raise your level by crafting FRUTO DE CHAKRA, crafting with 9 Giga Chakra)
  • CHK is your Chakra for using jutsus. Each jutsu will spend an amount, and to recharge your Chakra, hold SHIFT/sneak
  • SPINS are points for getting genkais from the genkais menu. It works like shinobi life/shindo life, you know. To buy spins, buy at the LOJA SHINOBI with TP
  • TP is Training Points, something like a coin. You buy things with him at LOJA SHINOBI and to get it, just kill mobs from the addon and use the TP item that the mob drops.
Naruto Jedy addon


This is the main item of Naruto Jedy addon that is divided into three types: Nano Chakra, Chakra, and Giga Chakra.

You have to kill Nukenin ninjas to achieve this, it spawns across the map. You also get nano-chakra by killing Tenten and Ichiraku although that’s not the focus of these two mobs


To get this one, you have to make a friendship with a Wolf, taming him, and after killing him. So Wolf will drop the Curse of Hate

Bijuus – Naruto Jedy Addon

You will be obtained randomly. To fight Bijuus, you have to find Yellow Parchers on the map, then hit it and collect the Bijuu Random Summon item.


Use Ryō to buy Onigiri, Dangos and Ramen with Ichiraku. Besides that, it can also be used to buy weapons with Tenten who has a large arsenal for sale

Bijuus/Tailed Beasts




Sim Goku






mcpeaddons download

Behavior Pack V7
Resource Pack V7

Jinchuuriki: Chakra Mode – Phase 1

Naruto Jedy addon

Kekkei Genkais

It includes: Paper – Iron Sand – Sharingan – Byakugan

Naruto Jedy addon

Naruto Jedy Addon V3.5

Some news from this version: Shinobi Update

Bandanas of All Villages

Naruto Jedy addon

Akatsuki & Otsutsuki 

Naruto Jedy addon

Zabuza Momochi’s Robes

Naruto Jedy addon

Jounin & Anbu & Taijutsu

Naruto Jedy addon

Naruto & Obito Kid


Kage Hats

Naruto Jedy addon

Some screenshots:

Naruto Jedy Addon what’s new?

 Obito’s Juubi Mode

 Ironsand Genkai levels

 Rikudo Naruto Karma V2


 Training Puppet

 New Sasuke’s Perfect Susano’o

Kamui Dimension


  • Exchanges with the Tenten to obtain weapons in the back and new weapons
  • The bandanas and clothes are obtained through exchanges with the NPC Jedy that you find on the map.

Note from Creator:

  • The player can play and record Naruto Jedy Addon
  • Modify for your own use
  • Share by official link
  • You are not allowed to: share the direct link or steal stuff from this addon, or modify for distribution


Naruto Jedy Addon v7
– Support for  1.17.41
– 4 new Genkais (Nara, Akimichi, Bakuton, Mark of the Curse)
– Skin for Shukaku’s MK, Skin (Rinnegan Spectrum), Skin Baryon (Anime + OST)
– New prognosticated eyes: Senrigan, Full Scientific Sharingan, Isshiki Doujutsu (Phase 1 and 2) Urashiki Rinnegan
– New outfits: Naruto (The Last), Boruto (Naruto Outfit), Boruto Outfit, Edo Tensei Outfit, Ishiki Outfit.
– New prognosticated eyes: Senrigan, Full Scientific Sharingan, Isshiki Doujutsu (Phase 1 and 2) Urashiki Rinnegan
– New outfits: Naruto (The Last), Boruto (Naruto Outfit), Boruto Outfit, Edo Tensei Outfit, Ishiki Outfit
– New weapons: Shakujo from Naruto, Shakujo from Toneri
– New Items for Crafting
– Naturally removing Spawn from Bosses
– Bosses Spawn System: Now you can craft the boss summon scrolls using the item ‘Kuchiyose’, the bosses have associated craftings and difficulties, allowing a greater understanding and evolution of the player
– Restart without Tenseigan, Restart in Manto Jogan
– Senjus now drop into Evolutionary Chakra;
– Restart in Manto Jogan;
– Balancing modes
– Bugs fixed


Naruto Jedy V7 Behavior or here (gg drive)
Naruto Jedy V7 Resource or here (gg drive)
Behavior Pack V3.8
Resource Pack V3.8

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