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Minotaur Mansion is one of 6 minigame maps belonging to SG Replay, revamped Skygames maps. Series SG Replay will give you the best experience with high quality, premium maps.


In this huge expansion we have added the following:

master maps for minecraft
  • Map build detail updates
  • Full custom texture pack by FogzArt
  • Update minotaur model by FogzArt
  • Custom axe model by FogzArt
  • Update key model by FogzArt
  • Custom gold bar model by FogzArt
  • Custom paintings by FogzArt
  • Minotaur now hears breathing sounds when near players [like how hunters hear beeping sounds near keys]
  • Loot barrels [randomly spawn around the mansion and include “Radio Callout“, “Bag of Dust“, “Throwable Rock“, and “Radio Powerup“]
  • Hunter ability
    • Radio Callout [when dropped, if the minotaur is near, a callout will play to all hunters saying if the Minotaur is in the Front, Left, Back, or Right side of the mansion]
    • Radio Powerup [when dropped, a random effect will be given to all hunters, and a sound will play. The effects range [in order from common to rare] from Speed, Night Vision, Invisibility, and Incincibility]
  • Minotaur Exclusive
    • Light Out [breaks all torches (lanterns don’t break) for 15 seconds, the minotaur will also get a night vision]
    • Hunter Blindness [plays all hunters blindness for 10 seconds. During this time, hunters will hear heartbeats as though the minotaur is very close]
    • Roar [plays a loud roar sound at the minotaur’s location. This will stun all hunters and stop them moving for 1.5 seconds]
    • Radio Infect [plays 5 seconds long static sound from all hunters locations]
    • Hunter Slowness [slows all hunters for 5 seconds]
  • Loot Barrel
    • Bag of Dust [when dropped, a distracting smoke effect will spawn for 5 seconds]
    • Throwable Rock [when thrown, if they hit a grey windowpane, the window will break allowing the player to pass through]
  • Hunter Exclusive: Key Radar [The key radar will beep faster and more high pitched the closer you are to a key]
  • Custom Particles [custom particles in the lobby, and when you collect keys]
  • Lobby Easter Eggs + Tips [more tips have been placed in the lobby. Also, Mt. Rocky has made a return (from the EasterFest & Christmas maps)]
  • Bear Trap A trap that is thrown like a projectile onto the ground. When any hunter or minotaur steps on it, they will be trapped for three seconds. Then they will bleed for 7 seconds, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Bear traps can be broken by Minotaurs, or Hunters can break them with throwable rocks.
  • The Spirit Is in the red room on the bottom floor [left side of the mansion]. The spirit, upon receiving 1 Gold Bar [dropped on the grave], will play a short animation. When the animation is finished, you have a chance to receive a good or bad omen. These include items, powerups, rare keys, and burdens like a broken radar or no gold. (modafinil online romania) Beware of the Flying Zombies!
  • Gold Bar Gold Bars are found in loot barrels and can be offered to the spirit. When loot barrels are turned off, gold bars will spawn randomly throughout the mansion. To collect them, stand on them.
  • Temple Room A new temple room has been added where the slime room once was. The temple room contains 3 gold bars by default and a chance of 3 loot barrels. Though, all of these rewards are hidden by the randomized short maze, which is the only way in or out of the treasure room!
  • Singleplayer Mode [AI Mode] Despite the name, multiple players can play this mode. There is an AI minotaur that will chase and hunt you down. This mode also enables a small door to unlock animation.
  • Ranks & EXP You can earn EXP in-game. When you get 100
  • Achievements 15 achievements have been added to the game. When all of these achievements are complete, a small animation will play to reward the player.
  • Options There are now 5 options inside of the game. When all options are turned on, Hardcore Mode is enabled, and experience points earned in games are doubled.
  • Magic Wardrobe There is a magic wardrobe in front of the mansion [bottom floor]. If you stand in this wardrobe, you will be teleported to one of three locations around the mansion. Particles and sounds will play.
  • Hearty Stew A stew that regenerates your hunger bar completely. You can found them in barrels.
  • New Front Door All keys must now be delivered to the front of the mansion, instead of just being collected. Keys can be dropped and picked up. And hunters can only carry one at a time.
  • Cave Room Add new cave room
  • Prison Door The prison door can be locked for up 5 seconds before opening again.
  • The Final Countdown (doo doo doo doo) When the front door opens, hunters now have 40 seconds to escape the mansion through the front door. Lights begin to break from the back to the front of the mansion, guiding players in the correct direction.
  • Rain For ambiance, we added rain at the front of the mansion.
  • Finally, we added Flying Zombies.


  • Updated description to include relevant updates about the maps state. More to come…



If you like to play more minigames in Minecraft, you can download below and enjoy it:

master maps for minecraft

master maps for minecraft

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