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Parkour Islands | Minecraft Map

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Welcome to Parkour Islands which is one of the biggest Parkour maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Currently, this map includes 9 levels and a tutorial. It will not make you get bored because there is a variety of jumps and obstacles.

Cre: Examinedcat669, Twitter, Youtube

Parkour Islands map

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Add trials come with new and unique parkours challenges for you to jump into. Besides that, new content is also being worked on and will be released with future updates.

Take a look at some pictures of the Parkour Islands map below

This is the first point that spawning

Level of Parkour Islands

  • Tutorial
  • 1 Dirtland
  • 2 Stone & Wood
  • 3 Slime Mania
  • 4 Redstonia
  • 5 The End?
  • 6 The Nether
  • 7 Rainbow
  • (5 New Trials!) Level 9 The Trials
  • (Coming Soon!) Level 10 The End


Parkour Islands v0.1.6
– Added:
+ Trial of Sight Trial 6
+ Trial of Swiftness Trial 7 
+ Memory Trial 8
+ Trial of Stealth Trial 9
+ Trial of Bouncing Trial 10
– Tweaked somethings in the Tutorial
– Renamed: level 2, renamed the islands in lv2
– Changed: Timer from action bar titles to scoreboards
– Renamed: the snowball mechanics (briefly describe the usage of the snowball in the name of each mechanic)
– Tweak both snowball mechanics.
– Changes to the books containing information about special items and blocks.
– Made the map playable from Minecraft 1.10 to Minecraft 1.16+.
– Implemented various other improvements and tweaks.
Bug fixes
– Players sometimes spawning out of bounds after failing trial 3
– The subtitles containing the names of the trials going missing
– The notifications for levels 2-7 being unlocked in the level selection appearing in chat
– Floating signs in the Tutorial going missing when playing the map in Minecraft 1.16.
– The snowball in the Nether, which would lead to the player getting stuck respawning in lava.


Parkour Islands

Download Parkour Islands
or here (gg drive)
You can get .Zip file here: Parkour Islands v0.1.6.zip

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[…] Parkour Islands | Minecraft Map […]


[…] Parkour Islands […]

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