Ghoulcraft BE Furniture Pack for Minecraft

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Welcome to Ghoulcraft Be Furniture Pack. This is a data-driven block addon pack for Minecraft that adds a bunch of new blocks and items!!! You can use it in your world as decorations, make your world become more lively and realistic

Ghoulcraft BE is the official ported version of MissGhoul’s Ghoulcraft CIT for Java – a whole different version of Ghoulcraft Java that uses a data-driven block method.

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Cre: kaomc_, Youtube, Twitter

Ghoulcraft BE Furniture Pack

This pack added counters, drawers, chairs, beds, and many more. Most of the items focus on the furniture which creates from all wood types in Minecraft

This is a Data-Driven Block Add-On Pack (also known as a CIM pack – Custom – Item – Model)

Now, let watch some captures below to imagine this pack





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and many more


Ghoulcraft BE Furniture Pack

Ghoulcraft Website

Ghoulcraft BE Furniture Pack Features

  • Since this pack is only for cosmetic purposes, you cannot interact with these blocks
  • That’s a great pack intend for Creative players, there is no way for the blocks to be obtained in survival without using commands
  • To match the popular resource pack “Mizuno Craft”, this pack recolored
  • Ghoulcraft BE can use with Vanilla Minecraft but not match some of the block’s color

Some items place with other function blocks and give the illusion that they’re functional (example chest)

Note from creator

  • All models created by Ghoulcraft are the intellectual property of Missghouls, unless otherwise noted (IE: other artists create contest models and several other models/texture owned by Mizuno)
  • Do not:
    • Redistribute the pack as your own or claim it as your own creation, it includes porting the pack to BE/PE
    • Modify the pack / Modify the models or textures without express written permission from Misghouls
    • Upload the packs to any websites
    • Claim the models or textures as your own
    • Steal models and make Remix packs

The original models belong to MissGhouls, who has given me permission to port the pack into Bedrock!

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