SG Replay: Hide and Seek | Minecraft PE Maps

Hide and Seek is one of 6 maps in the Project: Replay! 6 revamped SkyGame maps, with high quality, premium maps.

Credit: Traswen

Hide and Seek

This map is high-quality Hide and Seek game. When the game begins, hiders will have 20 seconds to buy taunts with the money that they get from winning games. Seekers will have 20 seconds + an extra 20 seconds to give the hiders time to hide.

But here is the twist. There are hidden signals all around the map that hint as to where the hiders are! Here is a list of all the signals:

  • Barn – Cow sounds when a hider is inside
  • Cave – Lanterns outside turn orange
  • Beach – Tiki torches light up
  • Graveyard – Scarecrow’s face glows.
  • Lake – Bubble particles in the water
  • Spruce Forest – Campfire smokes
  • Oak Forest – Bird sounds play randomly
  • Flagpole – Blows in the wind when someone is underground
  • Log Cabin – Chimney will smoke
  • Truck – Engine smokes when someone is close.


  • Updated description to include invite to the new official fan realm for project replay.


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