SERP Pokédrock 3 (Pokémon Addon) || Hoenn Update

Welcome to SERP Pokédrock’s 3 generation! The first and second generations are complemented by this add-on! even if it can also function on its own!

Creator: Zacek el Serpentín (Youtube, Twitter)

SERP Pokédrock 3

THE FIRST AND SECOND GENERATION ADDONS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS ADDON. It is against the law to disseminate, change, or steal the source code of this add-on; if you review it, please provide due acknowledgment. Please don’t endorse any unlawful apps found on the Google Play Store or other websites. and mcpedl are the official websites. This add-on will adhere to the Hoenn Pokédex.

-Treecko location: Jungle 

-Torchic location: Mesa

-Mudkip location: Swamp

-Zigzagoon location: Everywhere

SERP Pokédrock 3

-Wurmple location: Forests

-Taillow location: Everywhere

When you start:

-start a world and get your welcome, 

-choose your favorite generation and starter,

-you will receive a few words from professor oak, 

-you will receive your beginner loot

-don’t forget to have downloaded and installed the generation you want to choose, otherwise you will not receive your starter.

SERP Pokédrock 3

supported languages:




It is forbidden to redistribute, edit the files or stole codes of this addon, if you will make a Review please give credits. Apps in the play store and other pages are illegal, please don’t support them. mcpedl and are the only official sites. 

All the entities and objects of this addon are inspired on the characters from the video game series: Pokémon


Download all the packages (prefferibly in the navegator Opera), open the files with Minecraft. Active all the experimental modes, install the bases, and the generations avobe, open your worlds and play!

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SERP Pokédrock 3
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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