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Raya [16x]

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Are you a Malaysian citizen? Whether you are Muslim or not, there is a festival after Ramadan called as Hari Raya (or at least in Malaysia)! As a result, this pack is yellowish-green in color to commemorate it. (I’d like to point you that I’m not a Muslim, yet Hari Raya can be celebrated by people of all races in Malaysia.)

Cre: PrestigePlayz (Youtube

Raya [16x] 

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Some Textures Pack for Minecraft Bedrock you can check in Mcpe addons’s site

Here are the textures you can expect in this pack!:

Weapon & Tools:

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PvP Items \

Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 14
Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 15


Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 16

Ore & Ore Block 

Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 17


Day sky

Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 18

Night Sky

Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 19
Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 20



Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 21


Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 22
Raya [16x]
Raya [16x] 23

Join my Discord server too to chat with me and other members as well as get updated on when I post new vids and packs 😀 – https://discord.gg/XEcTsjpp7B

Hope you guy will have a pog time with this pack, have fun PvPing! 🙂


Bypassing Linkvertise

Here is a simple vid tutorial on how to bypass – https://youtube.com/embed//BqPsgm3idDM

Importing it into MC

Once you have downloaded the file, just rename it by erasing the “.zip” and putting typing “.mcpack” IF there isn’t any extension after erasing the “.zip” and after open it with Minecraft. IF there is already .mcpack as the file extension, then there is no need to do anything, just get right into opening it with Minecraft.

Unzip it and put it into the “resource_packs” folder in the main Minecraft folder IF it’s extension is “.zip”. Otherwise if it isn’t, you can still open the file with Minecraft and it should work. 

Raya [16x]

Download Raya [16x] or Raya [16x] FILE DRIVE

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