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Raya [16x]

Are you a Malaysian citizen? Whether you are Muslim or not, there is a festival after Ramadan called as Hari Raya (or at least...

Pixel Perfection Legacy 1.17/1.18

Enhance your Minecraft experience with Pixel Perfection Legacy textures! The pack has been ported onto Bedrock (with permission) so you could experience the outstanding...
Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI + Mixed UI + PvP UI

Vanilla Deluxe Texture: Java UI + Mixed UI + PvP UI

You may know modified vanilla and vanilla enhanced and now is an experimental TP/RP! It will improve UI and other assets. This Vanilla Deluxe...

Default 3D Textures Pack for Minecraft

Get new whole different experiences when playing Minecraft using the default 3D textures pack made by LvzBx. Let's try to download it and I...

AK X-Ray Rebirth (1.18) Texture for MCPE

If you feel tired of mining and even you have to mine in a straight line and can't find anything there. Come to AK...

Lily Pads Plus+ texture pack for MCPE

Lily Pads Plus+ is a small texture pack that will add 3d flowers lily pad. It includes a lot of variations to lily pads...

Epic PvP Pack V7: Bug Fixes, Over 25000 Downloads

Welcome to Epic PVP Pack which inspired by vanilla texture and modified the most popular PvP equipment such as swords, tools and armors. Additionally,...

Clear Vanilla Minecraft Resource Pack

Clear Vanilla Minecraft is a resource pack created for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It makes your world become cleaner and detailed in terms of texture....

A Better World Pack for Minecraft [16×16]

A better word Minecraft pack will a bit change some of the textures and models of the original resource pack. Besides that this pack...

Lulucraft Texture Pack (V0.3.3)

Lulucraft Texture Pack is still in progress stuff and can change in the future. It is for people who like a simple and childish...

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Demon Hunter Addon

Hello, 2022, and new projects! Demon Hunter Addon is an addon that immerses you in the famous Demon hunt and adds three varieties as...

T-Bone RTX: PBR Total Conversion

T-Bone RTX: PBR Total Conversion is a follow-up to T-Bone PBR, an RTX pack based on NVIDIA world packs. They've been collected, consolidated, reduced,...

Minecraft Doctor Strange Addon – In The Multiverse Of Madness – EL SANDO

"We have very little understanding of the Multiverse." Check out the new Minecraft Doctor Strange Addon sneak peek in EL SANDO's Multiverse of Madness,...

yCreatures Trial

After a lengthy period of no updates or news, the original yCreatures Trial is back, with simplified models and behaviors, but far more variety!...
Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps

Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps

With Parkour for Minecraft PE Maps, you can get thousands of jump maps and easily import them directly for you to play! Creator: PAVN, Youtube, Twitter, FB Parkour...