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The Backrooms Survival Expansion (Performance & Secrets Update!)

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Welcome to The Backrooms Survival Expansion, which adds The Backrooms as a new dimension to Survival Minecraft. Will you be able to endure this horror and discover the mysteries that the backrooms have to offer?

Cre: XLite (Twitter

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

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To begin, we recommend the following for your worlds: You set commandblockoutput to false and play on Max Simulation Distance.

How to Gain Access to the Backrooms

You must first have reached the end and obtained Endstone.

Unidentifiable Residue can be obtained by smelting the Endstone in a furnace.

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*How To Get Unidentifiable Residue

When you have enough Unidentifiable Residue, go to a Crafting Table and make an Anomalous Constructer like this.

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*Crafting a Anomalous Constructor

We can make The Backrooms decorative blocks and The Inter Dimensional Breacher Device with the Anomalous Constructor.

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This is what we’ll do if we want to get into The Backrooms.

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*Crafting a Inter Dimensional Breacher Device

To enter The Backrooms, interact with the Inter Dimensional Breacher Device…

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*Entering The Backrooms

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*Looking off from the Spawn Room

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

*Seeing The Backrooms Monster In The Distance

To get access to the Backrooms, interact with the Interdimensional Breacher Device…

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in https://mcpeaddons.com:

*Find 3 Keys

The keys are strewn over The Backrooms’ three main regions, but don’t worry, they’re not difficult to find:)

The Backrooms Survival Expansion
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*Inserting the Keys

Return to the spawn location and enter the keys into the blue keyholes once you’ve found them.

You’ll be able to go once you’ve finished.

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

Feel free to search the backrooms for keys or to discover its secrets as if it were a new music disc!

The Backrooms Survival Expansion

Use the computer in the backroom to purchase time-consuming supplies and items!!!

You can even use it to resurrect people that have gone missing!!!

The Backrooms Survival Expansion


  • Fixed Performance Issues on lower end and mobile devices and of worlds set to a simulation distance of 4 and lower
  • Added a useable Computer
  • Added a tether function tied to the computer which other players can use to bring back others lost in the backrooms
  • Added a Buy Station Built into the computer which can access A-Sync Storage
  • Added a Sound Track for the backrooms!
  • Backrooms Monster Grows More Terrifying 
The Backrooms Survival Expansion

Download The Backrooms Survival Expansion (RP) or FILE DRIVE

Download The Backrooms Survival Expansion (BP) or FILE DRIVE


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honestly i like the back rooms lets just hope it works

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