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The most realistic shader pack for Minecraft PE as of right now. The reflection of the sun’s and moon’s light on the lake creates a lovely sheen.

Cre: Gabriel Paixão

SEUS PE Shader

The sky and the nether have both seen significant improvements, as have the shadows. If you want to play a more realistic version of Minecraft, you should give this a shot because the hype is real. Gabriel Paixo, Twitter Account, Creator Accessed on April 7, 2017 (added version for MCPE 1.1.01)

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10 Best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Screenshots from

SEUS PE Shader
SEUS PE Shader
SEUS PE Shader
SEUS PE Shader

Some Screenshots maybe from SEUS has been renewed. You can download shader for all of version below.

This works for most iOS and Android devices. It does not work on Windows 10 yet.


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SEUS PE Shader

Choose one of the following files:

SEUS PE shaders LOW .mcpack or (Download Link Backup)

(recommended for low-end devices with less resources)

SEUS PE shaders Medium .McPack or (Link Backup)

SEUS PE shaders Ultra .McPack or (Link Backip) (high-end devices, more resources)

  1. Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack
  2. Restart Minecraft PE!

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Minecraft Mod Tester
Minecraft Mod Tester
11 months ago

It’s good for other things but when it comes to making it look like the trailer well that’s something

11 months ago

Sadly I agree, is there a different shader for mobile that actually lives up to the hype?

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