PUBG Vehicles Addon – Terrain Tilt Animations, Update More

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The PUBG Vehicles addon adds some of the iconic vehicles from the famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds of PUBG. This add-on is perfect for large PvP maps, especially for Battle Royale Maps available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Creator: redHoodie (Youtube, Twitter)

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PUBG Vehicles Addon



Providing substantially more protection than the open-top variant, the hard-top UAZ features a metal roof, decreasing the chance of a stray bullet making it into the passenger cabin

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The soft top UAZ features a cloth material that covers the roof and rear cargo area. This variant of the UAZ is arguably the best one to use, as the cloth top stops all bullets and covers more area than the hard-top


Of all the UAZ variants, the open-top UAZ provides the least amount of protection to its occupants, therefore care must be taken when driving near buildings or other potential ambush points


Available in 4 colors


The speedboat is a relatively quick-moving craft, but there’s a huge trade-off as the boat has no cover or protection against ranged attacks. Because of this, while it’s a great vehicle for navigating coastal features (and especially dealing with constricting play areas), it is very dangerous to operate


The Buggy is an open-frame vehicle with a smaller engine than the UAZs or other vehicles, although it is still powerful enough to drive up a slope after being parked on one. While the engine is smaller, the frame is much lighter, meaning the buggy is relatively fast, albeit highly exposed to incoming fire, lacking any paneling or armor plating

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Glowing Light

Glowing speedometer

Vehicle Explosion

Terrain Tilt Animations

Killing a player at full speed

How spawn the vehicles?

Simply find the spawn eggs on the creative inventory or you can summon them using the command


New Features

  • Vehicle Explosion
  • Vehicle Startup sound
  • Vehicle Damage when running over entities
  • Terrain Tilt Animations for all land vehicles
  • Vehicle Acceleration System (VAS) by Ashminggu is implemented meaning that all vehicles have a speed acceleration instead of a fixed speed
  • Vehicles are now capable of killing a player that it runs into (Only mobs are vulnerable in the recent version)
  • Leaving a vehicle that is running at medium speed inflicts medium amounts of damage to the player while leaving a vehicle that is running at full speed will eventually kill the player.
  • Players inside the vehicle are now vulnerable to any attacks done by other players because of the NEW vehicle hitboxes

Quality of Life Updates

  • Added engine sound effects for all vehicles
  • Added new sound effects when vehicles are falling from high places
  • Vehicle drive sound effect will immediately stop whenever the vehicle stops or the driver leaves the vehicle
  • Added particle effects to add better visuals
  • Updated the destroyed vehicle model of the buggy, to match the PUBG version
  • Updated Buggy texture
  • Update PC-117 Texture
  • Update PG-117 model
  • Remastered UAZ (All variants) model
  • Slight changes in Dacia Model
  • Vehicles are now able to destroy certain blocks at full speed
  • Added different vehicle riding animation
  • New spawn egg textures for all vehicles

Minor Updates

  • New pack icon
  • New tittle.png
  • Updated collision and hitboxes for all vehicles
  • The destroyed vehicle entity no longer plays the vanilla death animation, instead, it disappears instantly when killed using the /kill command
  • Increased the speed of the Buggy
  • Increased the speed of the UAZ
  • Reduced the speed of the PG-117
  • Increased the Speed of the Dacia
  • Reduced the in-game size of the Buggy to match the size of its real-game counterpart
  • Reduced the in-game size if the Dacia to match the size of its real-game counterpart
  • Reduced the in0game size of the PG-117 to match the size of its real-game counterpart
  • Fixed the passenger seat position of the buggy
  • Fixed some of the entity names

Decreased the hp of some vehicles:

  • Buggy -> 140
  • UAZ (All variants): 170-> 160
  • PG-117: 150 -> 120

Get the PUBG Vehicles addon here

Pubg Vehicles Addon

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