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New version More Ores Tools v16.5 with the big update. Changed many things such as tools, and armor codes, improvements, and add new features. More than +300 tools, +15 armor with different textures are made of the new minerals, including Adamantite, Tin, Topaz, Bronze, Jade, Ruby, Cobalt, Migtinio, Mithril, Paladium, Platinum, Onyx, Orichalcum, Tourmaline and Enderite.

Cre: Dexten Mods

More Ores Tools

Note: Minrals now can only be broken with a pickaxe. It also can be broken with others but different speed. Start automatically with “Tin” pickaxe.

More Ores Tools  is compatible with version 1.19.10

Added new things in this version:

Magma Zombie: No longer spawns in ancient cities, now avoid water blocks.

Orichalcum: new mineral, similar Onyx. Armor can shine in the night

New Sweep in the “Greats Swords”: Hitting a mob or monster with any “Great Sword” will perform a sweep that will damage nearby entities

The hammers work again

Axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hoes now work again. However they haven’t worked the same way, they do their job but it’s spent by interacting with any blocks, so players don’t do it to any block!

More Ores Tools

Download More Ores Tools BP
Download More Ores Tools RP

Some Changed

Effects when carrying items

Carrying any “Great Sword” in your hand will give you the slow and mining fatigue effect (without modifying the player).

Carrying any “Great Axe” in your hand will give you the slow effect (without modifying the player). Wearing full armor we will have a different effect (without modifying the player).

Changed the texture of ALL tools in More Ores Tools for each ore:

All design armor change, now chestplate is also 3d.

Entities in More Ores Tools

Magma Zombie

  • Stronger and more resistant than a normal zombie
  • Live in the depths of the caves, sometime they will appear on the surfaces.
  • Avoid water
  • It no longer burns with magma blocks, nor with lava!

Ores Trader

Useful for players when they want to get emeralds. You have a couple of minerals to spare in your chests.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Hammers 3×3

Added new crafting table for making hammers

Hammers function as combat weapons and mining tools

Tools and Weapons – More Ores Tools



Mithril – Platinum




Jade – Onyx




If you like ore Addon, mcpeaddons will give you more addon you will like:

Apples and New Weapons!

Added 14 Apples in More Ores Tools, each with different effects.

Added New Weapons:

  • Dagger
  • Battleaxe
  • GreatAxe
  • GreatSword

Dagger – Battleaxe – Great Axe – Great Sword



– Added
+ Compatibility with realms
+ New ore called “Orichalcum” which is similar to Onyx.
+ Compatibility with versions 1.19.10.
– Fixed
+ Several addon bugs
+ “Magma Zombie” spawning
– The “Enderite” block texture was changed to a nicer one.
– The speeds of each and every tool were balanced.
– Axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hoes now work again
– The hammers work again
– Now the “Magma Zombies” avoid water.


More Ores Tools

Download More Ores Tools BP or here (backup)
Download More Ores Tools RP or here (backup)
Hammers Table Ui [Optional] or here

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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7 months ago

I can’t get the behaviour pack because for some reason linkvertise is taking me to a French hello fresh site. That’s my only con.

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