Power Rangers Legacy (V1.0)

Ever wanted to be a Power Ranger? Want to fight bad guys in a cool Power Suit with superhuman Abilities? Now you can! In Power Rangers Legacy you can become a Power Ranger with your friends taking on anything that gets in your way!

Creator: Four Worlds Studios (Youtube)

What’s Power Rangers Legacy?

Power Rangers Legacy

Becoming a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger will not be as easy as you may think, you will have to earn your place! Play Minecraft as you normally would but at night time the Putty Patrollers will come for you. Take them down and collect the Putty left behind!

Putty Patrollers

Putty Patrollers will spawn in any Biome at Night Time, they will drop Putty when you kill them. Collect it!

Command Center

Command Centers generate in Desert Biomes inside you will find Zordon and Alpha 5

Power Rangers Legacy

When you have collected enough Putty, Alpha 5 will trade you for a Morpher. Now you have a Morpher you need a Power Coin!

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Zeo Crystal Ore

Zeo Crystal Ore will generate in small amounts in all Biomes, break the Blocks to get Zeo Crystals

Power Rangers Legacy
Power Rangers Legacy

When you have enough of one Colour of Zeo Crystal take them to Alpha 5 to get a Power Coin

Power Rangers Legacy

It’s Morphin Time

Now you have your Morpher and your Power Coin it is time to Morph!

Add your Power Coin to the Morpher

Power Rangers Legacy

Hold you Morpher and Use it

Power Rangers Legacy

When you have Morphed you will gain a lot of cool abilities to help you take on the Enemy!

Experiments Required

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Power Rangers Legacy

Download Power Rangers Legacy RP or back up

Download Power Rangers Legacy BP or link

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