Pokemon Clear Crystal Addon (Aquatic Update)

Welcome to Pokemon world! This Pokemon Clear Crystal addon will bring Pokemon from many regions to Minecraft.

Creator: T1ger Studios

The addon may have a few item that make no sense at the moment, these have been added for future updates, when they do something you will be notified.

This addon doesn’t have a traditional battle system, instead, it will rely on melee attacks with some Pokemon having special attacks as well. To avoid getting hit by the Pokemon when they battle put your game on Peaceful Mode. This will make the Pokemon only attack each other.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Pokemon Clear Crystal

Pokemon Clear Crystal have 2 ways of obtaining a Pokemon.


  • Feed a Wild Pokemon with Friendship Berry. This will allow you to tame the Pokemon and keep it by your side there and then.
  • The Pokemon will follow and attack for you straight away and the evolution timer will start.


  • You can catch a wild Pokemon using a Pokeball. This will allow you to store your Pokemon in your inventory until you would like to use it.
  • When you decide to let your Pokemon out of its Pokeball, you will need to tame it with a Friendship Berry
  • When you use a Pokeball, you will see red particles coming from the Pokemon before it gets caught in the Pokeball

Tame Pokemon will evolve by themselves over the space of a few hours. You can speed up this process using a few Golden Pinap Berries. If you return a Pokemon to its Pokeball or gets killed, the time it takes for it to evolve will be reset.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Each Pokemon will have it’s own growh rate. The growth rate of each Pokemon will be the same as the real growth rates from the Pokemon game

Slow, Medium/Slow, Medium, Medium/Fast and Fast.

The slower the growth rate the more time is needed for the Pokemon to evolve.

So far this addon has the 3 starters and their evolutions.

Each can be caught and returned to their Pokeballs


mcpeaddons download

All Pokeball have a wiggle animation and a sound effect before dropping to the ground ready to be picked up.

Once a Pokemon has been caught or returned you can tap the Pokeball on the ground and pick up your Pokemon and the Pokeball used.

mcpeaddons download



You can heal you Pokemon by using Oran Berries. Each will give hack 10HP.

You can craft all the items needed to catch and tame your Pokemon with easy to find ingredients.

To make a Pokeball you will need Red Iron Ingots. You can make these with Red Dye and Iron Ingots.


Friendship Berry

Oran Berries

To make rarer Pokemon easier to find, while roaming the world or to bring your Pokemon closer to play with you can use the Pokemon Toy temp them to you.

Golden Pinap Berry

Purple Iron


Shiny Stone


The Masterball is used to catch your Lugia if your Icky enough to get one from boss.

The Shiny Stone is to evolve Togetic > Togekiss

  • Togepi can be found in Extreme Hills
  • Ledyba can be found anywhere
  • Swnub can be found in the Frozen Biomes

To obtain Golden Pinap Berries, you need to kill wild Pokemon to get the standard Pinap Berries. Only wild Pokemon in their basic stage drop Pinap Berries, Evolved Pokemon will not!

Each Pokemon can be spawn in their own biomes

  • Cyndaquil can be found in deserts
  • Chikorita can be found in Forests.
  • Totodile can be found in Rivers

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