Pokemon Clear Crystal Addon (Aquatic Update)

Welcome to Pokemon world! This Pokemon Clear Crystal addon will bring Pokemon from many regions to Minecraft. Creator: T1ger Studios The addon may have a few item that make no sense at the moment, these have been added for future updates, when they do something you will be notified. This addon doesn’t have a traditional … Read more

Kalos Legendary Pokemon | MCPE Addons

Generation 6 of Pokemon game’s Kalos Region in XY probably has my favorite trio of legendary with Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. This Kalos Legendary Pokemon addon will add them to your world in how I’d consider a pretty accurate power if they exist in a minecraft world. Enjoy! Cre: ociNNico, Twitter, Youtube Kalos Legendary Pokemon Xerneas, … Read more

PokeCraft: Dream | Minecraft PE Addons

You can travel your Minecraft world in search of pokemon. Let us experience the feeling of adventure and explore the world of Pokemon. PokeCraft will bring 4 pokemon to the game. Cre: RedStudios_ This is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition addon that adds pokemon to your Minecraft world.  Features: 4 pokemon have been added to the game. … Read more

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