Village Guards Addon for Minecraft

Hello guys, Village Guards Addon came back with a new update after a long time! Train villages into swordsmen and archers!!! You can rent them to protect you on your adventures in Minecraft world. Let raise your own army and take on the illagers!

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How does Village Guards Addon work

Village Guards

In the previous version of Village Guards Addon, this addon was just a wither skeletons that had been modded. But for the newest version, this is actually a new mod in Minecraft! Village Guards are now completely separate, brand new custom mobs that you should try to download and play

To hire a Swordman: you only need to give an Iron Helmet to an Villager

To hire an archer: give a bow to a villager

Hire some protection

Do you think you need some more muscle in your adventure? This is not necessary anymore! Now you only cost a few emeralds, you can hire a few guards to protect you whenever you roam!

If you want these guys back off so you can get a little shut-eye, just right-click a hired guard to have them at attention and hold their position!

Setup your village defenses

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Features Village Guards Addon

  • Train village guards:
    • Swordsman: Give a villager an iron helmet.
    • Archer: give a villager a bow.
  • Demote your guard into villagers using hoes, give them any quality hoes
  • Offering emeralds for guards to hire them to protect and follow you
  • The hired guard will hold position and stand at attention you when you right-click on them
  • With this Village Guards addon, you can name your guard with the name tags


– Compatible with the latest Minecraft release!
– Hire guards for extra protection


Village Guards Addon

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