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You can travel your Minecraft world in search of pokemon. Let us experience the feeling of adventure and explore the world of Pokemon. PokeCraft will bring 4 pokemon to the game.

Cre: RedStudios_

This is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition addon that adds pokemon to your Minecraft world. 


  • 4 pokemon have been added to the game. You will find them spawning naturally in your world in certain biomes and during certain times.
  • Download Pokemon-themed music to bring a more engaging experience.
  • Complete visual redesign of UI.


  • Bulbasaur (#001)
  • Charmander (#004)
  • Squirtle (#007)
  • Pikachu (#025)

Bulbasaur (#001)

  • Spawn during sunrise or sunset
  • Spawn: forest biomes
  • tamed with “Bamboo

Charmander (#004)

  • Spawns during day
  • Spawn: mountains and in extreme hill biomes
  • tame with “Coal

Squirtle (#007)

  • Spawn around midnight
  • Spawn: beaches and near rivers
  • tamed with “Vines”

Pikachu (#025)

  • Spawn during day and night
  • Spawn: birch and taiga forest biomes
  • Tame with “Glowstone Dust”

Download PokeCraft

  1. resource (no music)
  2. resource (with music)
  3. behavior pack

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