Transformers Addon for Minecraft PE

Transformers Addon with 6 types of alien robots which is best known in the Transformer movie genre. Combined with the incredible power, allowing them to turn into different vehicles.
There are two types of alliances: Autobots (friendly) and Decepticons (hostile). Completely different behavior for each type.

Creator: StarkTMA

Transformers Addon


Optimus Prime

He is the leader of Autobots, a character who can use very good military tactics and possesses the most advanced alien technology. Optimus Prime is truly an ingenious warrior of transformers

  • Iron Golem is replaced by Optimus Prime
  • Friendly (Autobots Side)
  • Randomly transform into a truck (Snow Golem)
  • Truck shoots explosive
  • Health: 200-300 hearts
  • Attack damage: 20 – 25

Where can you find him?

He spawns randomly around large villages or you can build him, using 4 Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin. It acts like spawn to an Iron Golem

Optimus Prime is friendly with players but hostile towards dangerous mobs.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


One of the bravest and most reliable in the Optimus Prime’s troop. Although he is not the strongest, he is disliked by the Decepticons so it makes Bumblebee fight like a strong warrior. And he is friendly with the player

  • Attack damage: 20 – 40
  • Health: 150 – 175 hearts
  • Shoots explosives
  • Wither Skeleton is replaced by Bumblebee
  • Randomly transform into a car vehicle
    • Shoots explosives
    • Health: 150 – 200 hearts
    • Witches are replaced by a car
    • Rideable similar to horses


He is a Dinobot. Grimlock will transform into huge Dinosaurs instead of vehicles.

The Dinobots is a sub-faction of the Autobots (friendly side like Optimus Prime,..) so they will fight with the Decepticons side.

  • Attack damage: 200 – 400 (one-hit-kill)
  • Randomly shoots explosives
  • Health: 400 – 475 hearts
  • Zombie is replaced by Grimlock
  • Rideable by Optimus Prime-only



This is an extremely dangerous Transformer. Blackout will hunt down all the enemies and kill them. His characteristics are very fast, spawning everywhere, replacing creeper

  • Hostile (Decepticons Side)
  • Health: 100-150 hearts
  • Attack damage: 20 – 25
  • Randomly into Helicopter (Blaze), shoots missiles
  • Creeper is replacing by Blackout

He will transform into a missile-shooting helicopter, it is automatically hostile to the player. This only happens occasionally, Optimus Prime as well

Let watch Blackout and Optimus Prime war against each other. Blackout has transformed into a helicopter! He shoots missiles at Optimus Prime who tries to knock Blackout out of the air.


This is an evil Decepticon under the command of Megatron. He will attack by shooting fireballs at the player. He is hostile to them. A pity, he can not transform into anything but don’t worry, it will happen in the next update

  • Health: 200-225 hearts
  • Shoots large fireballs
  • Hostile towards players
  • Evoker is replaced by Shockwave


One of the strongest Decepticons, extremely dangerous and attack players. someday he will replace “Megatron” but this is only his own wish. It will not attack anything when it’s transformed into a jet

  • Starscream is replaced Skeleton
  • Transform into fighter aircraft
  • Hostile to players (melee attack)

Some of the other Features on Transformers Addon

  1. Custom sounds for mods
  2. Energon replaces all emeralds items and blocks. It will work as a healing material in the next version
  3. Bow, arrows, and snowballs are alien-human weapon prototypes


  • Add new Transformer: Bumblebee and Grimlock
  • Custom text and sound for mods
  • Bow, arrows, and snowballs are alien-human weapon prototypes
  • Energon replaces all emerald items, blocks, ores


1. Transformers Resource.McPack

2. Transformers Behavior.McPack

3. Transformers Addon.Zip

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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