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Mob Variants

New Adventure Plus is an addon that adds new mobs, new recipes,… to your Minecraft world.

Creator: Guardian Deep (Youtube, Twitter)

New Adventure Plus

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This add-on includes:

  • New mobs, new foods
  • Adding old concepts, ideas, and myths
  • Add more rare mobs and their variations
  • Adding new features to old things

Soul Pumpkin

  • Created from Jack’s pumpkin and the soul torch underneath

Monster of Cave Depths

  • Spawn: deep caves
  • Dangerous for miners who do not expect his vile deadly language


All over the world, you can find the graves of long-dead miners, farmers, and warriors. Perhaps if you start digging, you will be able to find the button from the clothes

Brown Spider

  • Spawn: Deep Caves
  • It hurts to attack
  • Drop: Eye falls
  • It’s based on his version of survival testin 2009

Not a Ship Anymore

  • A beach house rebuilt from the wreckage of a ship, in which a pirate lives

Basalt Worm

  • One of the first strider concerts
  • Spawn: Rivers, oceans
  • Drop: clawn with meat, you can cook it
  • Feed: Tired Sailors
  • A beach crab can carry a nautilus shell on its back
  • Propagated by seagrass, dried_kelp, and tropical fish
  • Mushroom Crab: This mobs began to eat mushrooms, as a result of which it became a mushroom carrier
  • Propagated by seagrass and red mushroom

The Beach

  • The beaches have become even more beachy
  • Palm trees and shells along the beach coast, which gave them more appropriate looks, as well as coconuts can be found on palm trees

White Enderman

  • Can be found in Nether, Warped Forest
  • Very rarely, has a trophy
  • Created based on a myth that originated in Minecraft 1.8

Ender Phantom – Endermare

  • Can be found in Ender’s world
  • The texture of the mob is based on the texture from the snapshot 18w07a
  • They often become messengers of death. They often enrage or lead to death. To survive, create a bow, armor, and arrows
  • In Ender world, you can find their nest, endermare don’t care about their offspring

Brute Enderman

  • Can be found in the Deep Ender World, it’s rarely
  • Dangerous and has a trophy

Chorus Fruit Stew

  • Create with: 3 chorus + bowl

New Frame

New Adventure Plus adds new 16 colors:

  • Can be painted in all 16 colors
  • Great decoration for your home
  • Craft: paper and 8 sticks
  • Created with Ender Eye


mcpeaddons download

  • Red Phantom

    • New version of the phantoms: Red phantoms. From the concepts shown by Mojang
    • It appears at night even if you were asleep
    • Can destroy a sheep farm if you are a careless player

    Balloons created from phantom membrane

    • With the condition that in world will be included “Education world”
    • Craft: wool, phantom membrane, lead
    • You can use wool in all 16 colors

    Ice Bomb

    • Craft: 4 ice + Snowball

    New Flowers

    • Rose: You can get dyes and soup from them, they say there is a blue kind of this flower
    • Cactus Flower: New flowers growing on cacti in desert, you can get dyes and soup from it

    Mesa tower

    • A rare structure spawns in Mesa desert
    • The locals say that some treasures were hidden there, but we found only one chest

    Taiga Bear

    • Spawn: Forest
    • Strong and will protect his realatives

    New Skeletons, Zombies, Drowneds

    more undead variations! The skeletons carry a quiver of arrows. A zombie with a logo known to the whole square world. And many other undead creatures that you have met!

    Copper Armor

    Leather from the Flesh


    Hunger item acquired in the creative /gamemode survival, and you get a hunger after eating the item

    New Cookies

    • Craft:
      • Sweet Berries + 2 Wheat
      • Glow Berries + 2 Wheat

    If you want to play “New Adventure Plus”, you must be sure to enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition

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    • Design of somethings redesigned to have spoilers for the update
    • Added bugs
    • Fix bugs
    • Added new structure
    • Added pirate
    • Fix texture pirate
    mcpeaddons download

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