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Lucky Block Entity is an addon that adds new lucky blocks but in the form of a very cute entity. With which you can get random things for your survival world

Credit: Team Cubitos (Youtube)

Lucky Block Entity

How does it work?

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

In your world, you can find these entities on the surface of any biome where there is grass, once you manage to find this new entity, you can hit it up to 2 times with your hand and it will drop random objects. With a third hit, this entity will die and will be able to drop an object again, drop advanced objects, generate structures, generate entities, or simply become an angry block of luck.


  • Lucky Block
    • Health: 6
    • Damage:0
  • Angry block of luck
    • Health: 25
    • Damage: 4
    • When attacking it, it can be teleported (Can appear randomly when killing a lucky block)

Experimental Mode?

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Creator: Andiuber

Twitter: @AndiuberOfficial

Paypal: @Andiuber

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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