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MazinPack [8×8] | Texture Pack for Minecraft

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MazinPack is an 8×8 project that is still under construction. Expect to see a lot of cool stuff, as well as some broken stuff. lolmarkdude2 / lolmarkdude created this pack project.

Cre: Lolmarkdude2 

The Most Recent Update

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After over two years of inconsistency in Mazinpack development, I decided to call it a day. Although I enjoyed developing this pack, it lacks a great deal of effort; I wish I put more thought into the projects I work on. I made the most recent updates with minimal sound effects, and I eliminated the sand sound effects that might show up in the update log due to their extremely loud loudness. 

Thank you for playing MazinPack and supporting it! MazinPack has had a terrific home on the MCPEDL platform for approximately two years, if not longer, since its inception with Version 0.0.7. I’m pleased of the work, but I’m also embarrassed that I didn’t take better care of it, that I didn’t push myself more. I suppose art is art, regardless of how you look at it.


Mazinpack is a simple like pack project that began on MCPEDL two years ago. The texture pack includes a variety of likable and odd textures. The pack is more artistically expansive than other 8×8 texture packs, and it really pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in such a little resource pack.

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More Information, YouTube Videos, and “Porting”

  • It is permissible for you to create YouTube videos.
  • It is permissible for you to create articles.
  • You may port and share it as long as you give credit to me as the creator.
  • You are not permitted to profit from my creation through ad-fly links or any other means.
  • You are not permitted to claim ownership of this resource pack.
  • Due to unfavorable and unconstructive lashback, RTX images have been removed.

(V1.1.6) Photos:

  • The MazinPack project began on March 1, 2019.
  • markdude2 – lolmarkdude2 – lolmarkdude2
  • Addons are no longer supported.


  • Update Log for V2.1.4:
  • Dimension-Related Blocks (Nether Bricks, End Bricks), Stone Bricks, Prismarine, and other retextured blocks
  • Cross-Hair Retextured
  • Pack Icon Update
  • Update Log for V2.1.3:
  • Added sound effects for sand, ladder, dolphin (playing), and parrot (idle).
  • Update Log for V2.1.2:
  • Added sound effects for explosions, stone, wood, hit, and bubbles to the game.

Download MazinPack (Mediafire)

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Download MazinPack (Drive)


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[…] decided to call it a day after more than two years of irregularity in Mazinpack development. Although I enjoyed creating this pack, it shows a lack of effort; I wish I spent more […]

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