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Have you ever wanted to expand your world, wanted new types of trees, or about the new blocks? Nature spirit add-on provides this to you, and maybe more than this! It will allow your arsenal of building with new planks, logs, leaves, trapdoors,…

Creator: Eko0087

Swamp biome

One of many biomes in the medium climate of Minecraft, it typically consists of Mushrooms, Witch Huts, Huge Lakes with an abundance of lily pads and clay, and lots of foliage like blue orchids and oak trees. This add-on expands it with new Willow trees and Mangrove trees, to add to this there is a new block littered around on the surface: Mud! It slows and sinks you down making it more difficult to travel around here, even more, there is a new dense green fog that really adds to the ambiance of the area!

Cherry Blossom Forest

Another addition of this pack is Sakura trees, both in Pink and White leaves, they really add a pop of color in the medium climates (plains, forest, etc). This biome is beautiful and it’s also a great place to get bamboo and pandas as a bonus. This biome as of V2 has been moved to rare medium climates, look near jungle biomes to find this!

Savanna Biome

The Savanna Biome used to only be consisting of small acacia trees, and little plateaus now have a new tree: Baobab! Along with that, there is Steeper Plateaus too it

The Desert

While used to only having small temples and large dunes of sand, it has been updated to have 2 new sub-biomes!

The first being the Rocky Desert, which consists of 2 new types of trees, Palo Verde and Mahogany. It also has small rocks, coarse dirt, and grass patches, along with little bushes.

The second one being Oasis, complete with lively grass, and Palm trees, it makes the desert seem much more tropical

Pine Cliffs

Along with the addition of warm biomes, another cold biome has been added! The Pine Cliffs have a wonderful height which allows for some amazing builds, along with the addition of nice light wood.

Blocks in Nature Spirit add-on


  • Fixed Lower Slab Model Texture
  • Fixed Lines in Slabs
  • fixed No Double Slab Sound
  • Fixed Willow Sapling Duplication
  • Added Bushy Leaves Option
  • Added Pine Cliffs
  • Added Palm Trees
  • Added Oasis
  • Added Mangrove Door
  • Added Willow Door


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