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A Better World Pack for Minecraft [16×16]

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A better word Minecraft pack will a bit change some of the textures and models of the original resource pack. Besides that this pack also improves and adjusting them that bring to the player a better experience in their Minecraft world.

Cre: NoRx, Youtube

A Better World

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It slightly changes your original world such as add some structures, adjust the color of the birch forest and end portal, some new variants creeper, chicken, … It’s worth spending your time exploring the map when applying this pack in your world!

Here are some screenshots of this package that you can check out

Modify village

Variants mod

Under the sea



End Portal

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Hope you like A Better World and play it a lot. Thank you for downloading this pack


– Added variants: Creeper, Brick, Red mushroom block, Bookshelf, Birch log
– Added:
Oak sign, Hay block, Leather, Chests.
Saddle item.
Map items.
End rod.
– Adjust the color of the End portal and Birch forest
– Item: Repeater, Comparator, Door
– Model and texture
Cow – Mooshroom – Squid – Glow squid
– Shield model.
– Soul campfire.
– Strider saddle.
– Skeletons have quivers.
– Zombified piglin.
– Chainmail armor.
– Bow color.
– Crimson color.
– Dark oak leaves.
– Birch leaves.
– Baby chicken texture.
– Ravager saddle.
– Create New World.
– Panorama & Profile background.
– Other changes


A Better World

A Better World Minecraft Pack [16×16]

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