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Some European/American side of performance cars will show in JDM Legacy Car! It’s not like previous car packs, now you can get more than a color for a car by using a special item that calls “PaintMatic”. It allows you to color or dye a car to a certain color, like the way you dye a sheep. This pack essentially has all the color variants for every single JDM car. Hope you enjoy it and give us good reviews!

Cre: ashminggu, Youtube, Twitter

JDM Legacy Car Pack

That’s a hard job when efforting in figuring out code how to color a car and stuff. I made the most advanced car in my add-ons.

JDM Legacy Car includes 10 cars (8 cars with 2 modified versions), each single car have its own set of colors and liveries and speed. I will show you detail below

1 – Nissan

Nissan R32 GTR NISMO

  • 4 colors: Black – Silver – Group a livery; HKS #57 Livery

Nissan Sil80

  • 5 colors: Black – White – Blue – Red – Kote-X livery

2 – Mazda

Mazda RX7FC

  • It has 2 colors: White and Silver

Mazda RX7FC Mod

  • Has 1 color; Mazda #62 Livery

Mazda RX7FD

This car has 5 colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Mazda #61 Livery

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3 – Toyota

Toyota AE86

Has 3 colors: White, Red, Fujiwara Tofu Shop Decal (Silver)

Toyota Supra A80

Has 4 colors: Black, White, Red, Castrol Livery

Toyota MR2 AW11

Has 4 colors: Black, White, Gray, Teal

Toyota MR2 AW11 Mod

  • It has only one White color

4 – Honda JDM Legacy Car Pack

Honda NSX (1st Gen)

Has 5 colors; Black, Silver, White, Red, SpoonSports Livery


You can color them using certain colors, just need to search in the inventory: PaintMatic, it includes 14 colors to choose from

Some colors can use for multiple cars, some colors only use for a car. It bases on feature of each car!

For the Fujiwara Tofu Shop decal (AE86), I forgot to make a custom PaintMactic item for it, so you can use PaintMatic:silver item instead

Future for JDM Legacy Car

More JDM cars will come up in the future by time, maybe around 6 new cars

Honda Civic EK9 (suggested before)
Mazda Miata (NA)
Honda S2000
Mazda Cosmo L10A or Cosmo Series JC
Mitsubishi 3000GT
Toyota 2000GT

Credits/Special Thanks

  • normalguy1 – Suggesting for the cars to be in one main pack.
  • OVERLORD – Suggesting a lower speed for the cars. (Mobile Version)
  • ashminggu01 (Brother) – Helped with pixel art for PaintMatic.


– Adjusted:
+ The car speed of both version (Win10/Mobile), slightly lowered the speeds
+ The MR2 Rally’s popup headlights animation.


JDM Legacy Car

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