JET SKI Addon for Minecraft

Classic ships in your Minecraft that make you feel boring of transporting? Don’t worry about it because I will show you an incredible addon with modern ships – Jet Skis Addon. Now you can transport in a faster way on the beach, river or any place have water with up to 2 people!

TEAM CUBITOS MC, Youtube, Twitter
Cre: Andiuber, FB, Twitter, Youtube


This addon adds a jet ski that can dye in the color. Just choose a color that you like the most in the 15 colors available to paint, then you got it!

How to use

Follow this craft table below to get jet ski in survival mode, it includes:

  • 1 Compass
  • 3 Oak boat
  • 3 Quartz

To change the color of the jet ski, you simply get any color and click on it

The watercraft can be damaged by blows, but it’s able to repair by feeding them with Quartz

With up 2 people on it

Note from creator:

  • If you share this addon, please respect the original link to the publication of the website of: Cubitos MC
  • Do not use direct links. Thank you!


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