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Creator: Chris There are 3 items added in this Soul add-on which are Enchanted Sword, Soul, Staff. To activate the mob you need to type /function...

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Squid Game Skin Pack v1

The More So Less Snore: An Expansion Pack is an ever-growing expansion to the game. It will be constantly updated to improve parts of the game. An Expansion pack will add mobs, structures, items, weapons, armor, and so much more! This is Phase Two of the Mysterious Forest. Not only that but now there is some spook in this little update.

Creator: HappyCannon27 (Twitter, Youtube)


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Pumpkin Vase:

  • A pumpkin vase is a vase that can be lit for light and for some spook

Pumpkin Battle Axe

  • The Pumpkin Battle Axe is the pumpkin equivalent of the Iron Battle Axe. It has more durability
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Pumpkin Staff

An Expansion pack,MSLS

Pumpkin Leader Helm

  • A pumpkin version of the Armesis Leader Helm. Quite pumped

Pumpkin Ingot:

  • An ingot used to repair all your LTO items
An Expansion pack,MSLS


Broken Skeleton

  • Has chips and scrapes and is a lot weaker than its non-broken counterpart.
  • Health: 10
  • Unstoppable rage
  • Spawn in the same areas with normal skeletons
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Demon Skeleton

  • An angry Skeletal version of the Demon, who has been missing for decades
  • Health: 24
  • Can warp around and blind you
  • Spawns on Demon Brick
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Dungeon Skeleton

  • A Skeleton commonly found protecting the new dungeons
  • Health: 30
  • It also has a mace with your name on it
  • Spawns in dungeons
An Expansion pack,MSLS
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Dungeon Zombie

  • The zombie version of the Dungeon skeleton, but with skin and sword
  • Health: 30
  • Spawns where Sundeon Skeletons spawn
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Skilled Skeleton

  • A Skeleton with great skill as it can shoot you with arrows
  • Health: 20
  • It also sports a familiar mask
  • Spawn underground so you can die repeatedly
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Mystrodi Skeleton

  • A very mysterious skeleton was found in the mysterious forest.
  • Health: 20
  • It also spawns with bows or swords
  • Spawn in the Mysterious forest. It also summoned by a boss
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Obsidian Skeleton

  • This Demon skeleton has been forged in obsidian causing it to change its main goal from killing to protecting structures
  • Health: 20
  • It can also inflict nausea on its target
  • Spawns in Obsidian structures
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Skeleton Vindicator

  • The skeleton version of the Vindicator
  • Equipped with a cursed axe, your demise is its only goal
  • Health: 24
  • Spawns in the Nether
An Expansion pack,MSLS

If you like MSLS: An Expansion Pack, you can download it here

mcpeaddons download

Cave Zombie

  • This gilded fellow loves to be in caves so much, it became Cavey
  • Health: 40
  • It’s commonly used to get valuables quite easily
  • Spawn underground
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Maylac Zombie

  • A Dungeon zombie has taken by the Happy Cult to be used for a different purpose
  • Health: 50
  • Inflicts Fatal poison on its target
  • Spawns in Maylac Structures
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • Though it may not be a new mob its functions are quite different
  • The zombie is now hungry for the flesh of animals and will do anything to eat them
  • It can infect your farm animals


  • A very phunky phantom with an annoying laugh
  • Health: an unknown amount
  • It is a mini-boss
  • Spawns in the Mysterious Forest, and in some vases
An Expansion pack,MSLS
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  • A tall boy with immense rage
  • Health: 170
  • Charges portals and explodes
  • It angered by broken magma. It is a mini-boss
  • Spawns in the Nether very rarely
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • This cute little thing may look bad but it has a heart of gold
  • Health: 30
  • Can be tamed with bones, basically the underground god
  • Spawn in caves
An Expansion pack,MSLS
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Hell Cow

  • A denizen of the Nether
  • Health: 15
  • Drop: beef
  • Breedable with rotten flesh
  • Spawn in soul sand valleys
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Hell Flyer

  • A cousin of the phantom has no care in the world
  • Swoop in and attack anything
  • Health: 20
  • Can morph through walls
  • Spawn in Nether
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Infy Zombie

  • Zombies can be infected with infy spores which cause them to be nothing but a catalyst for more infy growth
  • Health: 20
  • Spawn: never, can only be infected
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • It’s just a teaser, you can’t find it now
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • Can be found in the Mysterious forest
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • The phunky phantom
  • This menace spawns with a powerful ax and will slash even those who have devoted themselves to the undead lifestyle
  • Health: Unknown
  • Spawn: Unknown
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Shop Skeleton

  • This friendly skeleton has given up his life of villainy, to a simple shop life
  • Only after he regains his head though, sell some exclusive items
  • Canonically has the best-looking pair of pants in the add-on
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Villager Miner

  • Can be found rarely underground
  • Sells Mining helmets
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Wandering Miner

  • The dead version of the Villager Miner
  • Health: 100
  • Drops some nice stuff for spelunking
  • Spawn rarely underground
An Expansion pack,MSLS

The Abomination

  • Health: 200
  • Attack 3 cycles and very powerful
  • Drop some of the most overpowered items in the add-on
  • Only can be summoned
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • Spawns in towers in the next patch
  • Drops a sentry’s heart
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Zyler Scout Drop Pod Event

  • Starting, we have the Zyler Scout Drop Pod Event. Very rare, a drop pod will drop from the atmosphere. This will allow the use of a powerful workbench if used right
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Natural Tree Event

  • After playing a while, you will notice random tree saplings emerge in your forests. This is the Natural Tree event. It will help give the feel of a living forest

Team Undead Function

  • After consuming suspicious fish dropped from the Abomination, you will become undead. Most enemies will no longer target you and you will be hated by golems and villagers
  • You can kill villagers and obtain Blood Emeralds which can be used for future update magical items. The negative effects of being undead of course are burning in daylight and being weak during the day

If you like MSLS: An Expansion Pack, I will show you more add-on to make your Minecraft world better:


Mining Helmet

  • This item is sold by the Villager Miner
  • It emits light in the surrounding area which can save you a lot of torches
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Carver Boots

  • Carver Boots are more powerful than Netherite but lack the knockback and lava resistance abilities
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Carver Leggings

  • More powerful than Netherite but lack the knockback and lava resistance abilities
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Carver Chestplate

  • More powerful than Netherite but lack the knockback and lava resistance abilities
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Carver Helmet

  • More powerful than Netherite but lack the knockback and lava resistance abilities
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Piglin Boots

  • More of a collectible than actual armor, a fancier piece of Gold Boots
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Piglin Chestplate

  • More of a collectible than actual armor, a fancier piece of Gold Chestplate
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Piglin Helmet

  • More of a collectible than actual armor, a fancier piece of Gold Helmet
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Armesis Helm

  • Dropped from the Armesis Leader Boss
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Banshee Sickle

  • Dropped by the Banshee. Function like an axe
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Brick Pickaxe

  • Made from brick, to mine brick
  • It is mostly used to mine bricks from the MSLS: An Expansion Pack add-on
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Constilatum Picvel

  • A magical tool used to dig both dirt and stone
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Cursed Battleaxe

  • Functions like an axe, but is as strong as the common sword.
  • Dropped by Skeleton Vindicators
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Key Level 1

  • Use to open locked doors
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Key Level 2

  • Used to open locked doors
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Blood Emerald

  • Gained from killed villagers when you are undead
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Royal Hell Flesh

  • Dropped from Demon princes
  • Used for tools and progressing in the add-on
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Suspicious Flesh

  • Eating this flesh will cause you to become undead
  • While undead, some monsters refuse to attack you. But now, Iron Golem and villagers hate you
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • A magical tool made at the Obsidian Forge, use with tomes to active the powers
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Tarlac Catalyst

  • Use to summon a boss in the Mysterious Forest
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Tarlac Shard

  • Used to make the Tarlac Catalyst
  • Con be found in Maylac Structures
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • Dropped from phantoms and ghosts
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Stone Tome

  • Used with the staff to remove a large amount of stone
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Gravel Tome

  • Used with the Staff to remove a large amount of gravel
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • Use with the Staff to remove a large amount of water
An Expansion pack,MSLS

Shattered Mask

An Expansion pack,MSLS

Shop Skeleton Head

  • Used to revive a shop skeleton. He will be glad to sell you some interesting things
An Expansion pack,MSLS


  • MSLS: An Expansion Pack was partially made using FRG by MACHING_BUILDER on Youtube
  • Most mobs are based on art made by IamChristian1
  • Some of the textures that look good were made by RockStar JJ, most notably the keys and the Armesis Blocks
  • Big shout out to Prince MJ, who recently made a return to Youtube


  • Added Spook items until 6th
  • Fixed Creepers wanting to kill everything
  • Balanced Team Undead
  • Added Staffs
mcpeaddons download

If you like MSLS: An Expansion Pack, I will show you more add-on to make your Minecraft world better:

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An Expansion pack,MSLS

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