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MSLS: An Expansion Pack (Spook Update)

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The More So Less Snore: An Expansion Pack is an ever-growing expansion to the game. It will be constantly updated to improve parts of the game. An Expansion pack will add mobs, structures, items, weapons, armor, and so much more! This Phase Two of the Mysterious Forest. Not only that but now there is some spook in this little update.

Creator: HappyCannon27 (Twitter, Youtube)


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Pumpkin Vase:

  • Pumpkin vase is a vase that can be lit for light and for some spook

Pumpkin Battle Axe

  • The Pumpkn Battle Axe is the pumpkin equivalent of the Iton Battle Axe. It has more durability

Pumpkin Staff

Pumpkin Leader Helm

  • A pumpkin version of the Armesis Leader Helm. Quite pumped

Pumpkin Ingot:

  • An ingot used to repair all your LTO items


Broken Skeleton

  • Has chips and scrapes and a lot of weaker than its non-broken counterpart.
  • Health: 10
  • Unstoppable rage
  • Spawn in the same areas with normal skeletons

Demon Skeleton

  • An angry Skeletal version of the Demon, who has been missing for decades
  • Health: 24
  • Can warp around and blind you
  • Spawns on Demon Brick

Dungeon Skeleton

  • A Skeleton commonly found protecting the new dungeons
  • Health: 30
  • It also has a mace with your name on it
  • Spawns in dungeons
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Dungeon Zombie

  • The zombie version of the Dungeon skeleton, but with skin and sword
  • Health: 30
  • Spawns where Sundeon Skeletons spawn

Skilled Skeleton

  • A Skeleton with great skill as it can shoot you with arrows
  • Health: 20
  • It also sports a familiar mask
  • Spawn underground so you can die repeatedly

Mystrodi Skeleton

  • A very mysterious skeleton found in the mysterious forest.
  • Health: 20
  • It also spawn with bows or swords
  • Spawn in the Mysterious forest. It also summoned by a boss

Obsidian Skeleton

  • This Demon skeleton has been forged in obsidian causing it to change its main goal from killing to protecting structures
  • Health: 20
  • It can also inflict nausea on its target
  • Spawns in Obsidian structures

Skeleton Vindicator

  • The skeleton version of the Vindicator
  • Equipped with a cursed axe, your demise is its obly goal
  • Health: 24
  • Spawns in the Nether

If you like MSLS: An Expansion Pack, you can download it here

mcpeaddons download

Cave Zombie

  • This gilded fellow loves to be in caves so much, it became cavey
  • Health: 40
  • It’s commonly used to get valuables quite easily
  • Spawn underground

Maylac Zombie

  • A Dungeon zombie taken by the Happy Cult to be used for different purpose
  • Health: 50
  • Inflicts Fatal poison on its target
  • Spawns in Maylac Structures


  • Though it may not be a new mobm its functions are quited different
  • The zombie is now hungry for the flesh of animals, and will do anything to eat them
  • It can infect your farm animals


  • A very phunky phantom with an annoying laugh
  • Health: unknown amount
  • It is a mini boss
  • Spawns in the Mysterious Forest, and in some vases
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  • A tall boy with immense rage
  • Health: 170
  • Charges portals and explodes
  • It angered by broken magma. It is a mini boss
  • Spawns in the Nether very rarely


  • This cute little thing may look bad but it has a heart of gold
  • Health: 30
  • Can be tamed with bones, basically the underground god
  • Spawn in caves
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