AddOnsEnjoy The Scuba V1.5 (Wonderful Ocean Update)

Enjoy The Scuba V1.5 (Wonderful Ocean Update)

Enjoy The Scuba let the ocean become better with more life and protagonism to the creatures that live in there. This add-on adds new gadgets and creatures that help you to explore the ocean.

Creator: Salim Surmay (Instagram)

Enjoy The Scuba

The mobs can appear in all the Minecraft water biomes, and they give to you a great variety of items, those items are the keys for crafting the rest of the equipment:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


  • Latex
  • Icefish skin
  • Hard scale
  • Snake scale
  • Pearl
  • Shell
  • Jelly
  • Oil
  • Quartz shard
  • Crab armor shard
  • Amethystenite
  • Bucketed animals: Now some fishes can be trap, transported by buckets whenever you need


  • Cooked karp
  • Cooked crab
  • Cooked clam
  • Cooked fang fish
  • Cooked sardine
  • Raw crab
  • Raw sardine
  • Raw clam
  • Raw fang fish
  • Sea shroom
  • Sea stew


  • Yellow tang: is a little fish that spawn in the coral reef, always in group

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

  • Hammer shark: beautiful shark that will attack you, but if you are near the orcas, they don’t do anything
  • Clams: a pacific mob that spawn in the beaches and bottom of the ocean. If you are lucky, you can get their pearl. (buy kern alprazolam) This probability is bigger than their bigger variant
  • Sea horse: is a gentle animal that spawn near the plants like kelp
  • Sardine:is a tiny group fish, that spawn in groups of 15 or more


  • Penguin: Thí little guy appear in the tundras and the ice bergs, always dressed formaly
  • Seal: is a noble mob, that enjoy hunting clams for their babies
  • Orca: is a biggest mammal that let you swm with them. Prepare your camera for photos
  • Laud turtle: a big turtle that let the player mount it
  • Jellyfish: a dangerous group predator, that attack everything that near it
  • Big jellyfish: a dangerous predator, more powerful than then tiny jellyfish
  • Mantray: This is a pacific fish that habits the deep cold ocean
  • Deep shark: is a mostly blind predator, that will be searching for players or squids for feed, they gives hard scales
  • Icefish: a predator that lives in the coldest parts of the ocean
  • Sponge: is a fish… plant… squid? That habit in the bottom of the ocean
  • Sea snail: is a little arthropod that gives the bottom of the ocean more ambient
  • Starfish: this is a little mob that habit in the ocean, near the sponges, like to catch jellyfishes and disturb the squids

Get Enjoy The Scuba here:

mcpeaddons download


  • Sea snake: This is a hostile mob that appears in the deep oceans, this is a natural enemy of the orcas, so when they reach a fight is started
  • Spider crab: a pacific mob that habit the bottom of Minecraft oceans


  • Cave fish: a small pacific fish that contain loot that he ate
  • Amethyst fish: is a cave fish that tired of the abuse grow up to be a defender of the species
  • Cave crab: a small arthropod that use stone as shell
  • Cavern crab: is a fearful fast boss that chase you inside the caves
  • Angler: Are they stars? No, It is a group of anglers ready to eat you


  • Goldfish: This is a fat and pacific fish
  • Karp: Is a big fish that is used as food for villages
  • Wild Karp: This is a bigger species of karp that spawns in swamps and give more meat than the normal one
  • River Crab: a delicious mob, that can be considered as wet bugs:
  • Fang fish: a dangerously agressive fish, that don’t only attack the player, it can jump over the water to do it


  • Snail: is a slimy friend that habits in plains, favouriting in the villages crops, and eat the crops


  • Volcano: is a small rock with lava, that have coal, copper, gold, iron, and diamond
  • Red reef: is a small reef with fire coral, resguarded by drowneds that have loot
  • Death reef: This is a death coral structure that have have use in the future
  • Quartz cluster: is a rock that contain the overworld quartz ore
  • Glowing shrooms: is a hreat source of light underwater


If you like Enjoy the Scuba, I will show you more add-ons below:

  • Amethustenite lance: A great long range weapon
  • Booster crab sword: a trophy from a fierce boss battle
  • Shell hammer: is as powerful as a sword but more easy to make
  • Pearled sword: a weapon with the ability to locate the arthropods with right-click
  • Hard swim suit


  • Shell block: is a high resistance block
  • Sea shroom block: is a new source of light
  • Overworld quartz ore: A new way to get quartz, but as good as the nether?
  • Skin block: is a useful block that give the player the invisibility and regeneration of the icefish
  • Swim glasses: is a new helmet that give you the feel of be underwater
  • Swim boots: a new kind of boots, that make you feel more aquadinamic
  • Oxygen tank: a new gatget that give you 7 more seconds of air
  • High oxygen tank: a new gatget that give you 15 more seconds of air


mcpeaddons download

If you like Enjoy the Scuba, I will show you more add-ons below:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


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