Minecraft Ambient Sounds Addon V4: Caves and Cliffs!

A variety of Minecraft ambient sounds are added in this addon. Once you applied it in-game, you can hear natural sounds such as birds chirping in forests, waves crashing on beaches, wind howling in tundras, and much more!

Cre: The Big Onion Institute

Minecraft Ambient Sounds

This addon v4 which is the most recent update has added entirely new soundscapes for both Caves and Cliffs for Minecraft (the next update and existing sounds)

Check out the addon showcase in this video:

Ambient Sounds V4

There are many much-needed background sounds added to Minecraft. You can see every biome plays a variety of ambient sounds to fit its respective theme. For example, the chirping in forests, wind howling in tundras,…

That’s really good news in Minecraft Ambient Sounds version 4 when working with the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update! Mountains and Caves now have their own detailed soundscapes. The natural sounds, several new unsettling sounds are also added in this version

Note from Creator

  • This addon hasn’t been tested in Realms, it may work but unfortunately, I can not solve any Realms related issues
  • If mob spawning turned off, players can enable sound with this command:
    • /summon boi:function_master
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


– Added:  
+ Respective Sounds for the Caves and Cliffs, for the most recent update.


mcpeaddons download

Minecraft Ambient Sounds V4
or here (gg drive)

You can get Zip file here: Donwload .zip

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