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Playing Minecraft with a lot of addons makes you don’t have time to go gathering resources all the time? Don’t worry because now you can use the Ore Crops addon which helps you collect a bunch of material. This addon added 16 new crops, each one growing into its own material!

Cre: UsingGold

Ore Crops

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16 crops generate different materials which include:

  • 9 of the crops grow the following ores: Gold, Iron, Coal, Copper, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite, Lapis, Redstone.
  • The other 7 grow the following nether materials: Blaze Rods, Quartz, Blaze Powder(2 versions), Netherstars, Magma Cream, Ghast Tears.

Crafting Recipes

All crafting recipes are expensive, however, when you obtain at least one seed, they become easier to craft

Coal Seeds

Redstone Seeds

Check out other MC Addons channels: Ultimatecraft (Youtube, Twitter)

Copper Seeds

Iron Seeds

Lapis Seeds

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Gold Seeds

Diamond Seeds

Emerald Seeds

Netherite Seeds

mcpeaddons download

Download Ore Crops

5 stages

While the ore crops grew, you can not use bone meal to shorten growth time

Nether Crops

Blaze Rods

Blaze Powder


Nether Star

Magma Cream

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Ghast Tear

Overworld Blaze Powder

A version of the blaze powder crop that can be grown on farmland rather than Soul Sand

Note from Creator

  • Make sure remove the past version before downloading new one
  • Thanks for ckecking it out.


– Updated verification files and links to new downloads. 


mcpeaddons download

Download BP
Download RP
or here (gg drive)

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4 months ago

I cant Plant it why i am playing in 1.19.40

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