Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Add-on (Beta)

This add-on tries to replicate Minecraft Dungeons as same as possible as the real game. There are mobs, furniture, and many more that could be introduced! It could summon things, blow things, add a new challenge to you, fight with them, play with them, as long as you can.

Creator: ilosemypotato (Twitter)


1.16.100 Compatibility & Revamped Update

This update revamped almost all behavior that is currently on dungeon Replicas 1.0.5 and adds some new addition to the add-on. Most of the behaviors are changed to make it more accurate and the new update fixes many bugs that impact the gameplay.


Arch Illager

The Arch Illager, corrupted by evil, driven by vengeance. This is who you’re searching for.

  • Health: 340
  • Ability: Summon a bunch of Vindicator, Pillager, or Redstone Golem at small chance shoot an orb.

Minecraft Furniture Mod


There are the illager with magic and ability. There are Illusioner, Iceloger, Enchanter, and Geomancer. Each of them has an ability that is unique and dangerous to the player.


The armored pillagers that available. There are the armorer and buffed version of Pillager


  • The variant of skeletons that are in the add-on
  • Nameless King = A Powerful boss that have an ability to mirror itself and summon a bunch of Skeleton Vanguards
  • Necromancer = A skeleton that summon a bunch of Zombie
  • Skeleton Vanguard = A skeleton that use glaive and shield
  • Mossy Skeleton = A Skeleton that shoot poisonous arrow


There is the Vindicators variant. There are vindicator chef, royal guard, armored with the purple and blue variants.


Leapleaf, Whisperer, Quick growing vine, and poison quill vine. There are the mobs that will hunt you in the jungle. All the mobs are from Jungle Awakens DLC.

mcpeaddons download

Minecraft Dungeons Replicas


There are the zombies that added to Minecraft Dungeons addon

  • Jungle Zombie: A jungle variant that could poison you
  • Frozen Zombie: Shoot you with a snowball

Piggy bank

A piggy bank. This cute little pig will drop a chest when being killed. The chest come with decent loot.


The chest is in available in this add-on. There are common chest, emerald chest, mission loot chest, fancy chest, and obsidian chest.

Corrupted Cauldron

Corrupted Cauldron, the on who makes a potion for the Arch Illager. It’s dark, powerful, but not powerful as you expected to.

  • Health: 260
  • Area Damage: 5 with range up to 2
  • Ability: Summon a bunch of Cauldron Slime and set a fire in a pattern


It’s the same as the normal one, but it could summon a zombie. In this beta, there are still no particle’s or effect

  • Health: 85
  • Ability: Summon zombie

Redstone Cube

A minion who summoned by the Redstone monstrosity

  • Health: 24
  • Attack: 4

Redstone Golem

Make by the Arch Illager, raided the land, destroy all the village. In this beta, it could only attack

  • Health: 340
  • Attack: 12
  • Ability: Summon a Redstone Mines

Redstone Monstrosity

Powerful monster who have ability that kill you. You need a good armor and sword to fight him. The ability is still on progress

  • Health: 515
  • Ability: Summon a bunch of Redstone Cube
  • Attack: 16 knockback damage


A ghost, ya it’s a ghost. It attack you and give a wither effect. In this beta, it could only attack

  • Health:24
  • Attack: 5

Key Golem

The sleepy little key that can open a door. Key Golem will drop loot of itself, the item is wearable and summonable

Artifact and Items

There are the artifacts and items that available in the Mincraft Dungeons add-on.


This is the sword that currently finish. But it could only give attack damage.


mcpeaddons download

Behaviors Pack
Resources Pack
or Minecraft Dungeons addon (drive)

If you want to make your Minecraft more exciting, you can download the addons below:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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Jayson Prevendido
Jayson Prevendido
1 year ago

This addon is so cool! I use this addon to create Minecraft Dungeons map. Thank you🙂

Jackson Romano
Jackson Romano
1 year ago

I do like the addon, but I would LOVE to see an option that lets the illager mobs (includes the redstone golem and monstrosity) to spawn in raids, to make raids harder to beat.

1 year ago

I love this mod no bugs, works with other mods very well! I would love it if you could make a map with it and add DLC part of this mod.

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