Magnificent Burning Lands

Is the Nether lacking in content? Magnificent Burning Lands adds new biomes, creatures, and objects to the Nether, making it better and more intriguing. In experimental settings, enable “Wild Update” for some features.

Cre: SunnierFern1756 

Magnificent Burning Lands


Dark and bloody biome in which many bones appear.

Difficulty: normal

Fire Wastes

Glowing biome with bushes and fire wart.

Difficulty: normal

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Lava Swamp

Boiling swamps in which lava mangroves and nether cane appear.


Rotten Skeleton

Has 4 variants

Spawn: Fleshlands

Slow skeleton archer.

Hp: 20

Magnificent Burning Lands

Armless skeleton with normal movement speed.

Hp: 20

Magnificent Burning Lands

Fast and weak skeleton.

Hp: 15

Very fast and very weak skeleton head.

Hp: 10

Lava Turtle

Turtle with a kid variation that can walk on lava like a strider. It can also be equipped with an iron saddle and improved. In addition, he consumes much sugar.

Spawn: Lava Swamp

Hp: 50(adult), 15(baby)

Damage: 5-12

Magnificent Burning Lands


This is a very aggressive beetle. can fly around the target in a circle. Glowstone shards can be upgraded to glowcrystal shards.

Spawn: Fire Wastes

Hp: 15

Damage: 3-5

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all crafts can be seen in the crafting table or in the add-on files

Glow Amulet

You are not attacked by glowbeetles when you hold the amulet in your right hand / left hand

Rotten Boomerang

It can be thrown, it picks up things.

Undead Fragment

To get it you need to find in the biome bones overgrown with flesh and click on them with shears(30% chance)

Lava Turtle Shell Piece

Drops when baby lava turtle grows up

Lava Turtle Helmet

Adds fire immune

Lava Turtle Shield

Blocks 80% damage, does not break


Can be crafted from 9 glowcrystal shards

Glow Staff

Shoots projectiles that summon 3 friendly bugs. Cooldown 40 seconds

Nether Sugar

Crafted from nether cane. It can be eaten

Nether Sugar On A Stick

Hold in hand to control the lava turtle

Lava Turtle Upgrades

The lava turtle can be upgraded after equipping the iron saddle

Spawn: ruined portals, piglin barter

Magnificent Burning Lands

Download Magnificent Burning Lands (Mcpack) 

Download Magnificent Burning Lands (Zip) 

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