Nico’s Block Expansion [V1.1]

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Nico’s Block Expansion addon will add more stackable and decorative blocks that may be useful to your survival game. Using this mod, you can able to craft more blocks from compressed and extracted items.

Creator: NicoTheKid (Twitter, Youtube)

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Nico’s Block Expansion

Nico’s Block Expansion is a collective block mod that focused on adding more useful, convenient, and suitable blocks that may be useful for your survival game. Adding more compressed blocks by using items like Stick Pile, Book Stack, Sugar Cane Bale, and even Flower Bush. This block will save more space from your inventories or storage. Those blocks can be also extracted from block to items


Stick Pile

Stick Pile Block

Bamboo Pile

Bamboo Pile Block

Leather Pile

Book Stack 4

Book Stack 9

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Grass Carpet

Sugar Cane Bale

Tallgrass Bale

Fern Bale

Flower Bush

Vine Block

  • These blocks aren’t climbable like vines

Glow Lichen Carpet

  • Light Emission: 6

Glow Lichen Block

  • Light Emission: 8

Blaze Powder Block

  • Light Emission: 8

Sugar Block

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Gunpowder Block

Flint Block

Charcoal Block

Rotten Flesh Block

Phantom Membrane Block

Glow Ink Sac Block

Dye Blocks


  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons
  • Remove the old packages before installing the new version
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this mod, please don’t forget to give a credit or put the original link
  • Don’t provide the direct link (Mediafire) or any other download link


  • Updated to get compatible with Minecraft version 1.18.12 and (BETA)
  • Fixed the “Azure Bluet Bush” data-name in resources blocks
  • Recoded some data and folder path of this add-on
  • Rearranged the description


  • Don’t forget to turn on the “Holiday Creator Features” in the Experimental Gameplay option
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