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Naruto x Boruto is a minecraft bedrock plugin that adds numerous modes from the anime naruto and boruto, all of which can be used in survival mode by conquering the creatures that emerge in your minecraft world.

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Cre: Fredzim (Youtube, Twitter)

Boruto x Naruto Addon

This Naruto x Boruto addon contains 40 items and modes that you can be using in your minecraft

Barion Mode

Cat cover Mode

Sasuke’s susanoo

Iron sand Mode

Chocho Akimichi’s Wing

Invocation of the Nue Mode

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Kwaki karma

Momoshiki Horn

Urashiki Horn

Scientific Tool

These are only a few of the new modes in Minecraft; keep in mind that there are many more. Download the addon and give it a try.

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Some addons Minecraft PE that are available in you can check: 


  • New realistic race like naruto anime
  • Naruto’s new barito mode
  • Sasuke’s Susanoo
  • Jogan mode (Boruto e kwaki)
Boruto x Naruto Addon

Download Boruto x Naruto Addon (BP) OR FILE DRIVE

Download Boruto x Naruto Addon (RP) OR FILE DRIVE

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