AddOnsThe Anthensy Expansion Addon for Minecraft

The Anthensy Expansion Addon for Minecraft

Have you ever image about the Minecraft world which sudden alien infection? How it will look like? They come and struck the plains, peaks, and fields,… Finally all of them start to take on good shape instead of dissolving trees, and nuclear gas being produced, mythical trees, beautiful plants and vegetation started to bloom all over the flats and peaks.

Creator: JoeyTallarock

The Anthensy Expansion

The mushroom islands: It has started to also bloom in new vegetation as well.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


Mutated Enderman

This mod is combined from the result of an experiment by the illagers between an enderman and a villager

Mind-Controlled Pig, Strider, and Wolf

These mobs in The Anthensy Expansion addon went through horrible experiments, they escape together and run to the nearest safe place.

Purple Pillager

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

It’s not a real name, the name a bit long so there is just a substitute.

Behind the experiments of the illagers, the ones can protect a crystal (can mind-controlling anything it touches)

Blue Slime

This mob is rumored to be a combination of slime and coral. Players can be used by the illagers to invade ocean cities


A creature behind the crystal and the possession of mobs that own special abilities in order to hide from threads. If this mob is found, it will shoot out insane fire charges at the thread. (modafinil united pharmacies reddit)

New world – The Anthensy Expansion

Explore a beautiful plains that were once an eerie forest!!

The magical forest that was once a deadly grassland

mcpeaddons download

Download Anthensy Expansion .mcaddon

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