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Create a new map never easy like that! M Function Pack addon will add thousands of commands to facilitate users to create maps, among other things.

Creator: Maat


  • /function diamondpack: Adds a pack of diamond items to your inventory
  • /function goldpack: Add a Pack of Gold items to your inventory
  • /funtion ironpack: Adds a Pack of Iron items to your inventory
  • /function stonepack: Adds a Pack of Stone iems to your inventory
  • /function woodpack: Adds a Pack of Wood items to your inventory
  • /function starterpack: Add a pack of items to start your survival
  • /function creeper_charged: Spawn the electrocuted creeper
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Explore more function in M Function Pack addon

  • /function fly_on: Enables the option to fly in survival (need to activate the education edition option)
  • /function fly_off: Disables the option to fly in survival (need to activate the education edition option)
  • /function night_vision: Activate infinite night vision
  • /function instant_healing: It heals quickly
  • /function kill_a: Kill all players and mobs
  • /function clear: Clear your inventory and potions effects
  • /function zombie_villager: Spawn zombie Villager
  • /function skeleton_h_t: Spawn 4 skeleton horsemen
  • /function ravager_frwer: Spawn an evoker riding ravager
  • /function ravager_sfrwpr: Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager drops special loot upon death
  • /function ravager_swpcr: Spawn a pillager riding ravager, but the pillager is raid caption.
  • /function ravager_swpr: Spawn a pillager riding ravager
  • /function ravager_swvcr: Spawn a vindicator riding villager, but the vindicator is raid captain
  • /function ravager_swvr: Spawn a vindicator riding ravager
  • /function ender_crytal: Spawn ender crystal in world.
  • /function barrier: Give 64 barrier in your inventory
  • /function xp: Gives a large amount of experience to you
  • /function explode_sound: Play an explosion sound
  • /function weather_t_s: Play a thunder sound
  • /function stop_sounds: To stop all sounds for all players
  • /function baby_fox: Spawn baby fox in world
  • /function baby_turtle: Spawn baby turtle
  • /function baby_polar_b: Spawn baby polar bear
  • /function freeze_mobs: Freezes all mobs near you
  • /function invisibility: Becomes invisible infinitely
  • /function stray_ranged: Spawn stray is in ranged mode
  • /function rabbit_d: Spawn desert rabbit
  • /function pig_saddled: Spawn pig with saddle
  • /function llama_w_c: Spawn llama with chest
  • /function mule_saddled: Spawn mule saddled
  • /function mule_w_c: Spawn mule with chest
  • /function donkey_saddled: Spawn donkey saddled
  • /function donkey_w_c: Spawn donkey with chest
  • /function no_hungry: You don't feel hungry anymore
  • /function lightning: Lightning appears in front of you
  • /function clear_drops: All items on the floor will disappear
  • /function baby_z: Spawn baby zombie
  • /function p_captain: Spawn pillager captain
  • /function adm_pack: Give you admin items
  • /function unfreeze_mobs: Unfreeze the mobs, by requests
  • /function end_of_m: Teleports you to the end of map
  • /function powered_s: You get a very strong sword
  • /function powered_p: You get a very strong pickaxe
  • /function archerpack: Give you archer equipment
  • /function powered_t: You get a very strong trident
  • /function powered_shovel: You get strong shovel
  • /function powered_cb: Strong Crossbow
  • /function powered_fd: Strong fishing rod
  • /function powered_a: Strong axe
  • /function powered_b: Strong bow
  • /function p_essential: Give you the best potions
  • /function void: Remove all blocks below you, which leads to the void
  • /function 100chicken: Spawn 100 chickens
  • /function 200 chicken: Spawn 200 chickens
  • /function 300chicken: Spawn 300 chickens
  • /function 100cow: Spawn 100 cows
  • /function 200cow : Spawn 200 cows
  • /function 300cow: Spawn 300 cows
  • /function lag: Spawn 1000 turtles in the world


  • /function song/tick: Required to play music (Repeating command block)
  • /function song/load: Load the music
  • /function song/play: Start playing the music
  • /function song/pause: Pause the music
  • /function song/stop: Stop playing music

How to do the song in M Function Pack addon:

  1. Repeating command block with function song/tick
  2. function song/load
  3. function song/play
  4. function song/stop (To stop and reset)

STRUCTURES – M Function Pack Addon

  • PvP Arena: /function structures/arena
  • Tree: /function structures/tree
  • House: /function structures/house
  • Tree TNT: /function structures/treetnt
  • Big TNT: /function structures/bigtnt
    • /function comic/comic1
    • /function comic/comic2
    • /function comic/comic 3
    • /function comic/comic4
    • /function mona/mona1
    • /function mona/mona2
    • /function mona/mona3
    • /function van/star1
    • /function van/star2
    • /function van/star3
    • /function van/star4
  • Maat: /function matt/maat
  • Arena 2
    • /function structures/arena1
    • /function structures/arena2
    • /function structures/arena3
    • /function structures/arena4
  • Goku and Chichi: /function goku/gokuandchichi
  • Goku Art: /function goku/gokuart
  • Son Goku SSJ2 : /function goku/goku_ssj2
  • Son Goku SSJ3: /function goku/goku_ssj3
  • Son Goku SSJ4: /function goku/goku_ssj4
  • GOKU
    • /function goku/goku
    • /function goku/goku1
  • Portal: /function structures/portal
  • Sans the Skeleton: /function sans/sans_the_skeleton
  • Papyrus the Skeleton: function sans/papyrus_the_skeleton
  • Papyrus Battle Form: /function sans/papyrus_battle_form
  • Lucky Cat: /function structures/luckycat
  • Japanese Arena PvP: /function structures/japanese_arenapvp
  • Garen: /function lol/garen
  • Janna: /function lol/janna
  • Jinx: /function lol/jinx
  • Katarina: /function lol/katarina
  • Teemo: /function lol/teemo
  • Ahri Arcade: /function lol/ahri_arcade
  • Darius: /function lol/darius
  • Fiddlestick: /function lol/fiddlestick
  • Kindred: /function lol/kindred
  • Lux Star Guardian: /function lol/lux_star_guardian
  • Redeemed Riven: /function lol/redeemed_riven
  • Zac: /function lol/zac
  • Zed: /function lol/zed
  • Zyra: /function lol/zyra
  • Earth Planet:
    • /function structures/earth_planet
    • /function structures/earth_planet2
  • Hatsune Miku:
    • /function structures/hatsune_miku
    • /function structures/hatsune_miku2
    • /function structures/hatsune_miku3
  • Heart: /function structures/heart
  • Inori:
    • /function structures/inori
    • /function structures/inori2
  • Jacksally: /function structures/jacksally
  • Rainbow Heart: /function structures/rainbow_heart
  • Viking Town Heimskringla:
    • /funtion structures/vth
    • /funtion structures/vth2
    • /funtion structures/vth3
    • /funtion structures/vth4
    • /funtion structures/vth5
  • Asia Karte
    • /function structures/asiakarte
    • /function structures/asiakarte2
  • Bart Simpson: /function structures/bart
  • Bat: /function structures/bat
  • Eto Kaguja
    • /function structures/eto_kaguja
    • /function structures/eto_kaguja2
  • Groudon: /function structures/groudon
  • Large Diamond Block: /function structures/large_diamond_block
  • Madara
    • /function structures/madara
    • /function structures/madara2
    • /function structures/madara3
  • Pain 6 Path of Pain
    • /function structures/pain
    • /function structures/pain2
    • /function structures/pain3
    • /function structures/pain4
    • /function structures/pain5
    • /function structures/pain6
  • Super Mario: /function structures/supermario
  • Villa: /function structures/villa
  • Camping Spot: /function structures/camping_spot
  • Black Dragon: /function dragon/dragon_black
  • Dragon Marine: /function dragon/dragon_marine
  • Dragon Statue: /function dragon/dragon_statue
  • Dragone: /function dragon/dragone
  • Green White Chinese Dragon: /function dragon/green_chinese_dragon
  • Hidra: /function dragon/hidra
  • Purple Dragon: /function dragon/purple_dragon
  • Quartz Dragon: /function dragon/quartz_dragon
  • Red Dragon
    • /function dragon/red_dragon
    • /function dragon/red_dragon2
  • Arceus: /function arceus
  • Dragon Fatalis
    • /function dragon_fatalis
    • /function dragon_fatalis2
    • /function dragon_fatalis3
    • /function dragon_fatalis4
  • Godzilla : /function godzilla
  • King Crimson
    • /function king_crimson
    • /function king_crimson2
    • /function king_crimson3
  • Rocket 18: /function rocket_18
  • Saturn V: /function saturn_V
  • SCP-001
    • /function scp_001
    • /function scp_0012
  • SCP 076 Able
    • /function scp_076_able
    • /function scp_076_able2
    • /function scp_076_able3
  • SCP Keter : /function scp_keter
  • Sword of Omens: /function sword_of_omens
  • Umbreon Twins: /function unbreon_twins
  • 16 bit majora: /function 16_bit_majora
  • Assassin Creed: /function assassin_creed
  • Deadpool: /function deadpool
  • Heart Piece: /function heart_piece
  • Jerry: /function jerry
  • Lucky Block: /function lucky_block
  • Lucky Block Pink: /function lucky_block_pink
  • Lucky Block Spiral: /function lucky_block_spiral
  • Nyan Cat: /function nyan_cat
  • Pikachu: /function pikachu
  • Saitama: /function saitama
  • Slenderman: /function slenderman
  • Sword Art Online
    • /function sword_art_online
    • /function sword_art_online2
    • /function sword_art_online3
    • /function sword_art_online4
  • Tobi: /function tobi
  • Tomb Rider:
    • /function tomb_rider
    • /function tomb_rider2
    • /function tomb_rider3
    • /function tomb_rider4
  • Ultra Huge Jungle: /function ultra_huge_jungle
  • USA Flag: /function usa_flag
  • Yin and Yang: /function yin_and_yang
  • Assasin Girl: /function assasin_girl
  • BIG Tree: /function big_tree
  • Floating Island
    • /function floating_islands
    • /function floating_islands2
  • Japan Castle: /function japan_castle
  • Large Greenhouse: /function large_greenhouse
  • Pokemon Gyn: /function pokemon_gyn
  • Viking Entry: /function vikin_entry
  • Viking house: /function viking_house
  • Blacksmith: /function blacksmith
  • Bunny: /function bunny
  • Big heart
    • /function big_heart
    • /function big_heart2
    • /function big_heart3
    • /function big_heart4
  • Charizard Skeleton: /function charizard_skeleton
  • CSGO Flashbang: /function csgo_flashbang
  • CSGO Karambit: /function csgo_karambit
  • Dragon Skull: /function dragon_skull
  • Drakkenblade: /function drakkenblade
  • Engel Statue:/function engel_statue
  • Fishingspot: /function fishingspot
  • Hobbit Hole: /function hobbit_hole
  • Little Miku: /function little_miku
  • Little Small Tree: /function little_small_tree
  • Magnifying Glass: /function magnifying_glass
  • Medieval Well: /function medieval_well
  • Outpost House: /function outpost_house
  • Phantom: /function phantom
  • Ranch Type Poison: /function ranch_type_poison
  • Sakura tree:
    • /function sakura_tree
    • /function sakura_tree2
  • Smale Apples: /function smale_apples
  • Snorlax: /function snorlax
  • Snowman: /function Snowman
  • Spruce Tree: /function spruce_tree
  • Ancient Oak Tree: /function ancient_oaktree
  • DaggerTree Bloom
    • /function daggertree_bloom
    • /function daggertree_bloom2
    • /function daggertree_bloom3
    • /function daggertree_bloom4
  • Island Towers : /function island_towers
  • Pillager Outpost: /function pillager_outpost
  • Portal Nether: /function portal_nether
  • Skeleton Crypt Dungeon: /function skeleton_crypt_dungeon
  • Tiger1 : /function tiger1

Activate the Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition to use addon.


[link url=”https://www.mediafire.com/file/n59yn7djtco3lza/M_Structures_REWORKED.mcpack/file”]DOWNLOAD M FUNCTION PACK ADDON[/link]

Support Creator: M Function Pack addon

Shader use in picture:

More addon for Minecraft's world


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